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AALBC.com Mourns Passing of Nigerian Novelist Chinua Achebe


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Although I have never read any of his books, I am familiar with him.I had not heard of his passing from any other source but here. Thank you Troy for AALBC. You and this forum are very much needed and appreciated so much.

I must check out some of Chinua Achebe books and writings.

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I originally read Things Fall Apart over 20 years ago and have since reread it at least twice.   


Basically, things fall apart in a culture when Christian missionaries show up. The novel is a representation of the destruction of African cultures by European Christians and other dehumanizing and genocidal effects of colonization of Africa.  


A fascinating read in which I think is the first for a African writer (or Afro-American to be sure) to illustrate the disastrous effects of European Christianity on African cultures .

I will have to reread soon.

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Anika Thank you.  If this was 10 years ago you probably would have learned of Achebe's passing sooner.  The sites most likely to share the information are disappearing or being rendered invisible.


In the future the question will not be why did I not know this or why are more people talking about it.  The question will be "Who is Chinua Achebe?"


I should re-read the novel Things Fall Apart myself.

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