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  1. After a recent unusually high number of black-on-black murders in Montgomery, Alabama, the local police department declared itself utterly clueless. “Police Chief Kevin Murphy says police cannot stop these violent crimes until they understand them. But it's easier said than done, so police are getting help from other professionals to devise a plan.” So they hired a Afro-American professional. Earnest H.R. Blackshear Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology at Alabama State University and Director of The Community Violence Laboratory at Alabama State University, has be
  2. @anika99, regarding the second video Well…sort of…kind of redemption for you with that one….but…really…he’s seem just a wee bit paranoid!! Nonetheless, the brilliant thing about really good conspiracy theorists is they cannot be dismissed whole cloth because there is always, always a grain, albeit tiny most times, of reality and/or truth that they might be onto something. But better him than that no-common sense Negro guy.
  3. @Troy Nice overview article on Chavez. I still think his comment at the U.N about Bush, “The Devil Was Here,” is poetic and priceless, regardless of political views. Certainly Chavez had his fault, but the same can be said for leaders of many nations. Witness the many nations in the European Union that are going bust. It cannot be said that Chavez bankrupted Venezuela. That is why I always seek information outside of the American corporate-controlled, protector-of-the-status-quo media as they always echo the foreign policy of whatever presidential administration is in powe
  4. @Pioneer 1 Intriguing comments. But…well…according to protocol of European colonizer and the American KKK-inspired one-drop rule, Chavez’ skin was dark, so he was Black!! Since you are keen to Chavez social policies, are you then aware of the parallels with Fidel Castro and Afro-Cubans? Afro-Cubans were widely discriminated against before Castro came to power. In fact there are some accounts that it was mostly so-called white Cubans who fled when Castro seized power. Nonetheless, that parallel with Chavez is an untold story.
  5. @anika99 thanks for posting the video. This guy scares me because it seems he is a ruse, a plant, a troll. Across the Internet, there are many so-called “Black commentators” who are actually underwritten by racist, white conservative groups. This is made clear to me from viewing his web site where he take extreme, right wing, conservative view on every issue, every issue. For example, in the first article, he calls the Palestinian Authority a terrorist group, which is odd for a person of color because any reasonable analysis of the current Palestinian situation shows that the U
  6. I originally read Things Fall Apart over 20 years ago and have since reread it at least twice. Basically, things fall apart in a culture when Christian missionaries show up. The novel is a representation of the destruction of African cultures by European Christians and other dehumanizing and genocidal effects of colonization of Africa. A fascinating read in which I think is the first for a African writer (or Afro-American to be sure) to illustrate the disastrous effects of European Christianity on African cultures . I will have to reread soon.
  7. Well, not me, really, as I am secular and don’t find such exercises useful, yet I am certain worldwide millions of misguided people of color are praying. A conclave of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will meet very soon to elect the next pope (see, proof that popes are not divine and chosen by God), and speculations abound that two black Cardinals from Africa have a chance. Some background: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2277047/Will-pope-black-Ghanaian-Nigerian-cardinals-lead-race-Vatican.html I say, oh, please, go away, that will never happen. Every
  8. There are many brilliant, deep thoughts in this thread: @Troy, @Delano, @Cynique. I am inclined to agree, as Troy smartly notes, that identity (what we call ourselves and/or what we accept) has created deep societal implications; for example, acting white, black community, “the hood,” brothers, etc., (no one called Harlem “the hood” when it was mostly Dutch or Jewish). Indeed, there is no monolithic so-called black community because even in America for the most part economics trumps race. For example, in my neck of the woods, an Afro-American living in affluent Bethesda, Maryland, o
  9. Count me in, @Troy and @Cynique When there is talk of righteousness, superior race, and what someone’s God prefers, whoa, danger always lurks. Particularly, people of the African Diaspora should fear such notions since for hundreds of years European imperialists sent explorers and clergymen to enslave and destroy their cultures based purely on the Christian concept that people of color are inferior races. And, surely, who has forgotten the consequences of Hitler’s Aryan race movement. I am reminded of an old saw: One man’s God is another man’s oppressor.
  10. My hunch is yes because it seems our mixed-race President is incapable of mentioning let alone shining light on issues facing Afro-Americans in the United States. Ignoring the images of Hugo Chavez portrayed in protector-of-the-status-quo news media, you will find that Chavez was a champion of rights and inclusion for Afro-Venezuelans. Chavez was the extremely rare Latino leader who acknowledged his African roots and sought full recognition of Afro-Venezuelans in the culture. From Al Jazerra: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/03/201336151053865910.html From Black
  11. Great information. While this phenomenon is harder to spot in a Google search, it is plain as bright sunshine on YouTube (owned by Google) videos. Test it out like this. (1) Perform a Google search of, for instance, music videos of your favorite artist. For example, “video Hank Crawford greatest alto sax player ever.” (2) Select a YouTube video from the search results. (3) Now perhaps play a couple of videos. Notice the lineup of recommended videos in the sidebar on left side of your screen. (4) Next: Leave YouTube. Return to Google search. (5
  12. At the Web site The Root, eminent scholar/historian/researcher Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. has posted a fascinating, provocative piece about genetic lineage of American descendants of African slaves. Link: http://www.theroot.com/views/exactly-how-black-black-america In this evidence-based piece, using genetic analysis research he explores and exposes lies and legacies of slavery, racism, and Jim and Jane Crow in America. In the process, he blasts Grand Canyon-sized gaps in longstanding myths and folklore, drawing startling but verifiable conclusions: (1) A whopping 35 pe
  13. @Troy Excellent post. Like your post on Dr. Clark, Cheikh Anta Diop brings to mind several scholars from the 1970s who were researching histories of African civilizations and the African Diaspora and trying to expose them to the general public. Yosef Ben-Jochannan (Africa: Mother of Western Civilization), George G. M. James (Stolen Legacy) and Ivan Van Sertima (They Came Before Columbus) are other giants from that period, but there are many forgotten others. At the time, there was hope that the efforts of these researchers/historians would lead to incorporation of Africa
  14. @Cynique Nicely done, "American Africanism," nice term. I agree with all of your post. Perhaps at the dawn of the black self-determination movement in America developing a concept like American Africanism would have been more helpful in the long run than so-called Black Nationalism. But to answer the provocative question posed by Troy: Pan-Africanism is beyond a myth – it's a sick joke played in defiance of the realities of histories. Why? The Arab Islamic nations of North Africa have no interest in the causes of black Africans nations. Smartly, their interest is in the
  15. @anika99 Respectfully, I think I get this gist or intent of your comment. However, it seems this thread is not about greed. There is not a post that mentions the slave trade or any other commerce implications. From my interpretation, this thread is about hegemony, cultural hegemony specifically. To be sure, the imposition of hegemony leads to confiscation and acquisition of properties of other cultures, which could be considered greed. But the main thrust of the Muslim conquest of North Africa, the Sahel, and sub-Sahara (there is a link in my first post) was to "sp
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