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Ratchet Woman – Free limited Time – Four Star


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Hey DT why don't you use an affiliate code when you post links to Amazon.  You can earn at least another 6.5% on the sale.


If for some reason you can use the affiliate code of another bookseller for example AALBC.com's affiliate code is "newsstory-20".


http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00COSW6JY/tag=newsstory-20 or using a short link: http://bit.ly/ratchetwoman


This not only gives you the opportunity to support a bookseller, it also give those sellers an incentive to help promote your book.


Admittedly, the relationship between independent booksellers and Amazon is quite contentious.  The reality is that MOST authors, when they provide a link to order their book online, the link is to Amazon.  There is little I can do to change this behavior because MOST people when they buy online, buy from Amazon.  Therefore authors linking to Amazon makes sense (without getting to deep into the economics of buying Black).


Given these facts, we should at least get the extra 6.5% percent of of Amazon, while they are still giving it away.


The MOST disheartening and frustrating thing is that no matter how many authors I explain this to, authors don't usually change their behavior and they continue to allow Amazon to keep the extra commissions.

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I never forget :-)  But it is astonishing how many authors forget or simply do not know. 


Here is a link you can use going forward: www.amazon.com/dp/B00COSW6JY/tag=dtpollard-20


where B00COSW6JY is the Amazon product code or ISBN-10  These sales will also count toward AALBC.com's bestsellers list if you use links of this form which will obviously result in a lot of free promotion.

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