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Things You Can’t Tell Mama – Her Man Was Once Yours – Free Limited Time


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Everyone has done something at one point in their
lives when they think – I can’t tell mama about this. Twenty-four year old
Tanesha Green comes home to visit her mother and had a massive “Things I Can’t
Tell Mama” experience when she meets her mother’s new fiancé, KJ, who turns out
to be the man she lived with for 3 years while she was in college. The second
in the “Things You Can’t Tell Mama” series – Her Man Was Once Yours - is the story of how a young woman feels
trapped by circumstances because her old lover is her mother’s new fiancé,
Kevin Mason. Tanesha struggles with her feelings about Kevin and how or if she
will tell her mother Jasmine about her past with Kevin. This explosive
situation comes to a head with surprising results.





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