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After spending 35 years of his life in prison, Gibran Tariq, the man once hailed as the greatest prison writer ever, has just released his latest work as an original ebook publication.


BLACK PEARL is a stunning tour de force, the superbly crafted story of one woman’s incredible journey of self-discovery. BLACK PEARL is guaranteed to transform you, to shock you, and as you get inside the mind of Princess Washington, the one woman who thinks she can cheat fate by not letting anything stop her from her individual pursuit of happiness, you will cry. Sometimes, you just need to appreciate what you have.


Charlotte NC---Finally deciding to give up the fast-paced hustle of the street life, Tariq has settled for the more laid-back world of writing and is now out to stake his claim as a vibrant, relevant urban author.


As founder of SOULFIRE BOOKS, Tariq is committed to writing books that “will set your soul on fire”. BLACK PEARL is merely the first of a long string of novels.


BLACK PEARL is not simply a book.......it is an EVENT!


Follow the link to find your slice of literary happiness.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DTHCWDE

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Hey, brother Troy:

I am in the process of doing some advertising with you and I will need to be split from Greg. I will be in touch just as soon as the free book days are over on Kindle. I will be giving away free copies of Black Pearl starting tomorrow through Friday. Following this, I will put up promo ads on AALBC. Where else would I go? Peace.

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Here are some other sites you can consider advertising on: http://aalbc.com/otherwebsites.htm


You'll have to reach out to each of them directly as I have not kept up on advertising rates for each platform (though I have made attempts with limited success to organize these different platforms from a collective advertising perspective).


You should join The Book Look.  There you can upload info about your book and have an opportunity to have you book featured in a Book Look Video.

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