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Things You Can’t Tell Mama - The Pastor's Wife 2 – Free Limited Time

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Things You Can’t Tell Mama 2 - The Pastor's Wife – Free Limited Time

Everyone has done something at one point in their lives when they think – I can’t tell mama about this. The follow up to the first in the “Things You Can’t Tell Mama” series – The Pastor’s Wife - “Things You Can’t Tell Mama” series – The Pastor’s Wife 2 – Picks up where the first book ended with Quinton telling his parents that he wants to bring Latavia Johnson the ex-wife of their former church pastor over to their house for Christmas because they are involved in a relationship. Quinton’s mother, Rose Taylor, has a gut reaction to the news that her twenty-two year old son is involved with her thirty-six year old ex pastor’s former wife and her current coworker. An explosive confrontation occurs on Christmas day between Rose and Latavia. As news of Quinton and Latavia’s relationship spreads another woman decides that she should be the one with Quinton instead of Latavia and tries to force her way between them. Can Quinton and Latavia’s unusual bond hold together as they face new personal, professional and emotional hurdles that come their way?





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