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Massive Monroe – Free Limited Time

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Massive Monroe – Free Limited Time


Kevin “Massive” Monroe seemed to be on top of the world. Women flocked to him because of his special gift, but that was not always the case. Kevin Monroe was once a young man with a body image problem. Due to the unusually large size of a particular body part Kevin was ridiculed by other boys when he started playing sports in school and was given the nickname of Massive Monroe. Kevin was embarrassed and thought he had a physical defect which caused him to become shy and withdrawn. A woman unexpectedly came into Kevin’s life and convinced him that nothing was wrong with him at all, in fact, what was once a source of embarrassment became a point of pride. The woman that turned his attitude around left his life for years before suddenly returning, but she told Kevin that his future needed to be with someone else. Kevin “Massive” Monroe did things to women that other men never had before, but would that help or hurt him in his quest to find the love of his life?





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