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Same ol, Same ol

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Well, it's the last month of the year 2013 as we trudge through the darkness on our way to the end of the winter solstice that will occur December 21st. Getting past that, we begin a new journey toward the light which will reward us with the longest day of the year on June 21st, 2014.
If you check out the night sky you'll probably see Venus, the "evening star" blazing extra bright as it does every year at this time when it's closest to our planet, reminding us of how predictable astronomy is. So, there does seem to be order to the universe. But the planet earth didn't get the memo. Everything here seems to be in a random state of flux thanks to a world-wide blitz of disastrous weather, global power struggles, religious wars, and wide-spread poverty in the midst of decadent plenty. Peace on earth, good will toward all men? Not so much.
Back on the homefront, this nation is holding its own when it comes to instability as the un-United States continues to be polarlized along racial lines and sexual orientation; mired in political folly and shackled by biased law enforcement. The economy is limping along, while jobs and pension funds are drying up and the rich get richer. The infra-structures of our cities are deteriorating, and our landscape is eroding along with our morals We've morphed into a computerized society at the mercy of inept programmers and the whim of diabolical hackers. Toss all this into the mix of a social media that mirrors a shallow populace who flock to online sites inundated with shared drivel, lewd selfies, sexual predators, cyber bullies and celebrity gossip. An addiction to iPhones and computer games round out our state of dysfunction. Where are we headed? Wherever we go. Religious soothsayers say the end is near and it's time to repent and be saved. An option that accomodates chronic sinners while shafting humanitarian atheists. Thank ya, Jesus.
The good news is that what ails the colonies of life on the third rock from the sun is nothing new. Troubled conditions have existed from time immemorial, - variations on a theme droned by perennial prophets of doom. Everything began with a big bang and if the asteroids don't get us first, it'll be eons before we fizzle into the oblivion of an imploding black hole.
As luck would have it, however, the certainty of sunrises and sunsets provides a coping mechanism to simply take things one day at a time. New tomorrows are lined up just waiting to be reborn todays. What can also be considered with a degree of certainly is how "life is a journey that is homeward bound." Keep on truckin.
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Yeah these short days are the least favorite time of the year for me.


Well from planet's perspective we are just a blip on the radar.  We will destroy yourselves and Earth will cleanse itself our existence, leaving no record we were ever here.


The Dinosaurs lasted over 100 millions of years.  It would be remarkable if humanity lasted as fraction of that.  Even 100 million years is merely a heart beat in the life of our big blue marble...

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