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Literary Team Fuse Psychology, Science Fiction & African American Identity in Compelling New Series

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Collaborating under the name D. C. Cowan, ‘Legend of the Black Roses’ sees the authors depict a cruel reality where racism rules society. While fictional, their gripping narrative is poised to provide plenty of real-world food for thought. How far could society go to separate its citizens by color?


For Immediate Release



Asheville, NC While it has been fifty years since Martin Luther King’s March on Washington, the world still remains largely divided by race. In a powerful new literary series written by mother and daughter D.C. Cowan, society’s continued ignorance of Civil Rights results in a world few want to live in.


‘Legend of the Black Roses’ is the first in a powerful new series, with each volume showcasing the further consequences of allowing racism to shape society.  One unique and startling aspect about this fictional series is the protagonist of the first novel is the Black Rose, the spirit of an African woman who has witnessed every imaginable event of racism since the time slavery was legal in America. 




All women are like roses.  Each variety of rose has its beauty, but also each has its thorns – the more hatred that taints the bush the greater the thorns.  Watch the red roses turn black as the love of the hearts turns cold and the black flowers wither and die.  The black roses carry the sorrow and pain of the spirits lost from their homeland and lost in time.  During this time in an alternate world history, the black roses are being severed and slowly they are disappearing from the garden.  


One act of hatred will tear one family apart, but will bring together age old lovers in the most unusual way.  Legend of the Black Roses follows the descendants of an African Princess stolen from her homeland.  Before you make assumptions, this is more than a story of a slave.  Never before has an interesting mix of history and fantasy been spliced together in such an intricate and delicate manner.   It's a story of a forbidden love divided by ages.  A great love story of ancestral beings driven from their homeland and doomed to wander as restless spirits.


Should the Black Rose choose to be labeled in history as a slave who was stolen from her homeland or should she claim her destiny as a wise and comforting spirit destined to protect her lost and fading lineage?  Is she the slave of the Americans or the princess of the Africans?  These questions are for you, the reader, to discern.  Follow the ancestral spirits lost and outcast from time as they determine their proper place and identity.  As you read, ask yourself who is the Black Rose?



As one of the author’s explains, their upcoming series is important on both a personal and international level.


“It has been a dream of mine to publish a book for over thirty years. I started developing this narrative in the 1980s, but life’s demands took over and it remained untouched. Now is the time to get this series out to society, to allow readers to explore its core themes of passionate love, hereditary pride, a fading race and the borderline of sanity,” says Cowan Senior.


Continuing, “It’s also one of the few Science Fiction and Fantasy books to contain African American protagonists. Later books in the series will incorporate some true stories of hatred against African Americans and women with the fictional backdrop established in the first novel. African Americans will exhibit racism towards their own people and African American females will suffer both racism and sexism. Each of these topics is hugely pertinent to society, making this a true melding of fact and fiction.”


Information about further volumes will be available at the authors’ official website: http://www.dccowanauthors.com.



In the meantime, ‘Legend of the Black Roses’ is due for release on December 31st.





About the Author:

D. C. Cowan is a collaborative mother-daughter team who is pleased to present several book series exploring minorities and spirituality.  Sharing the same first and middle initial, they use D. C. Cowan as their pen name for the books they will release. 


Legend of the Black Roses series was written by Cowan, Sr. over thirty years ago. She is a graduate of the prestigious Spelman College in Atlanta, GA where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. With quiet tenacity, Cowan has been writing her books for over thirty years.  A pillar to her community, she was a director for many years at a local recreation center and she taught Sunday school at her local church where she received recognition from the members for her contributions.


As a youth, Cowan, Jr. performed for six years as a pre-professional ballerina with the Asheville Civic Ballet.  She is a graduate of Wake Forest University known to some as the "Ivy League of the South" with a degree in Psychology.  For the 2008 commencement, she was awarded as Best Senior Orator for her speech.  For two years, she attended a graduate program for Psychology where she joined the Psi Chi Honor Society and received Graduate Student Awards for Research and Travel.   Her most recent position was at the Johns Hopkins Health System.

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