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Do Obama Got a Plan?

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Seems like every week Barry got something else new--a new crisis, a new meeting, a new announcement, a new summit

I was wondering what he was up to--maybe he was panicking, running around like a chicken with his head cut off, that sort of thing.

Then I got to thinking

Maybe his idea is to keep the pressure up and by sheer force of constant hammering wear his foes down. All them lazy Congressmen by now got to be so tired of debating and voting they might start giving in--

I wonder though

Can he physically keep this up?

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Maybe Obama relieves his stress by "talkin smack". He just can't maintain an aura of detached dignity. Some of his "off-the-top-of-his-head" remarks are reminiscent of that ditz Sarah Palin and her Tea Party goons.

It wasn't enough that Barry razzed the Lakers about not being as good as the Chicago Bulls Championship team when LA visted the white house, his latest cheap shot was to ridicule the record of the Chicago Cubs as compared with the Yankees who were visiting the white house to be honored for winning the world series. He just cannot put aside his partisanship. His excuse this time I assume is because he professes to be a White Sox fan, altho home town sports writer contemptuously cite how he can't even name any current stars or past legends among the White Sox. Talk about illegal aliens. His loose purple lips certainly alienate his Chicago supporters who are also Cub fans. It's a wonder he didn't remark that as athletes go, Tiger's behavior was par for the course.

Incidentally, I am neither a Laker or Cub fan just someone who appreciates a leader who assumes a statesman-like stance and doesn't morph into a jock and gloat when he passes a bill, and who refrains from inviting his opponents to "bring it on", like he's involved in a game of touch football.)

Diplomacy is not Obama's forte; guess it's a good thing he's President and not an ambassador.

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