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Let's get this party started.

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My God! It's been a little slow around here. Anyway, The following clips are from a very poor quality video. The video was taken for personal use. Check them out. They should give you a few laughs. The speech was 40 minutes long. These clips are about 10 minutes total. Again, the sound is poor and images are no better, so just relax...

I tried to post some of them right here, but I couldn't get it to work. So....


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Yes Troy, I do have the source video. After reading your reply to Xeon, I tried to post as you just did but obviously I did something wrong. I think this format only allows one "image/video" per post?

The problem with linking from this site, is that it drops this board. So I understand, and agree that it's easier and more convenient for all, if the video can be viewed right here. And (I don't know) I believe all the little clips can still be viewed (after hitting the first one) without leaving this page?

Your question about the source video?

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Troy, I can not post the "video clip" as you have. What the heck am I doing wrong. I've tried to paste the embed code in the "insert media" box. But when I review the post, I only get the scripted code. I am going to try to "share it" to my blog and then copy that code. Help needed! :unsure:

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