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  1. "I wish they would stop calling these debates. In an actual debate you need to be able to substantiate a statement" HEllO! These "debates" are more like closing arguments to a jury. The whole set-up reminds me of the adage "The best lawyers are not the ones who submit the most truths and facts, it's the ones who tells the most compelling lies in a truthful and convincing fashion".
  2. I've been reading Leonard Pitts Jr's commentary for several years. Specifically his newspaper column (always loved them). However, not until reading this post, did I know anything else about the man. I certainly didn't know he was Pulitzer prize winner. Giving one's "opinion" in a column is quite different than writing a novel, however, like you Troy,based on his "voice", writing style and his ability to engage me, I will have to check out his latest offering.
  3. Thanks WG870, I love sharing our journey. And I take pride in knowing where I came from and more importantly, I adore sharing the struggles of those who came before us. To that point, I believe it's our responsibility to pass down our journey to this new generation, as those in power continue to "white-wash" our history.
  4. Yes WG540, there is a difference. Homosexuality is not a crime punishable by 30-60 years in prison. It's merely a "sin" by some's definition.
  5. In respect to black soldiers, I've said this before but I'll share again... my great-great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War. Well, actually he was stationed on a small island now known as The Arsenal Island. Listen, I am sure we all have stories of struggle. It's been said that if a man controls your mind, he controls you. I am not the type that blames others for my faults. However, if a person's dreams and hopes are deferred by limited exposure , who's to blame? Maybe no one, because in doing so, we look back and not forward. When I think about the dreams of my grandfather, I know he looked forward to a day in which he would no longer be a slave, that day came. In 1861 he was released from slavery and joined the 108th Colored Infantry, made up of former slaves from Kentucky. While a slave he was responsible for the care of the farm animals. He was in essence an animal doctor. Skills in hand, he headed North (He used those skills after he got out of the army). He was stationed at Fort Armstrong, later renamed Arsenal Island, a picturesque 3-mile strip of land in the Mississippi River. After his stint in the Civil War, he settled into a white community on the banks of Mississippi River in northern Illinois. The colored infantryman's duties were guarding Confederate prisoners of war. Yeah, imagine that? But check this, we never know how our actions will affect those who come behind us. My father and my wife are now buried on that same Island, Troy, on the issue of youtube videos, what did you mean by you hope people will one day think of some of your videos in "that" way?
  6. Troy, I thought Samuel got great reviews for his portrayal of Martin Luther King in Mountain Top? Did you go? Yes, on several occasions Zoe has identified her self as black. It's been a topic of major discussions. In fact, on one site her exact words (a quote) has been posted. In reference to begging for books, don't get me wrong, I was not mad at the authors one bit. It was more of a hobby and a self-challenge than anything else. It was like a challenge to see if my "selling skills" and voice of persuasion were still there. re: Talking and talking, and "group-think". It's been said that most humans do not welcome opinions that's different from their own. WHY? Well, the hardest things for humans to say are.. 1) I was wrong 2) I don't know 3) I am sorry 4) I love you Well, when differing opinions hit the floor, those that we disagree with might make us do a little soul-searching. If when doing so, we find something that requires us to admit (if only to ourselves) that we were "wrong" or in need of change, it makes us uncomfortable. And humans have a tendency to run from discomfort (in all it's forms of pain). Consequently, we tend to gravitate to those we agree with. Or those who do not challenge us or question our opinions.
  7. Cynique, please don't fool yourself into believing (and you're not convincing anyone else) that Nah'Sun points were not well taken by those of us whose views are not biased. On the other hand, I saw your comments as a severe case of DENIAL. Listen, as I see it, Nah'Sun did not run out of words per se, he just got tired of trying to teach an old dog new tricks. I mean, you've admitted to be cynical and some have defined you as "bitter", so what purpose would it serve to continually build a platform for you to run around spewing hater-aid infused envy and jealousy?
  8. Good point Cynique, although I don't believe it's about going for "cheap", it is about star power or at least "bank-ability" and likability, to a large degree. As was the case with Samuel Jackson's participation in Pulp Fiction ( and I believe Bruce Willis), sometimes an actor will take a part for reasons unrelated to their huge salaries. The Simone biopic's budget is around 10 million. That's VERY low by today's standards. Consequently, from the producer's perspective, we can deduce that this is about star power. Going deeper, this film is intended for an overseas audience, which "supposedly" is more "art" minded and more "understanding" and forgiving in respect to racial issues (i.e, skin color, the actor's racial background, mixed race, etc.). However, in reference to an actor's lack of resemblance to the subject in question, it has been done quite successfully on numerous occasions. Now, real quick, off the top of my head, I'd say Denzel in "Hurricane" would be a good example (their height, age and looks were all different). Also, Lawrence Fishburne won several awards for his portrayal of Thurgood Marshall ( if you guys have not seen that brilliant performance, I'd recommend you do so). And really, one can make a great argument that there is no resemblance between Forest Whitaker and Idi Amin, nor Jamie Foxx and Ray Charles, or Angela Evelyn Bassett and Tina Turner. Granted, each gave great performances and makeup added to their transformations (which pulled us in), however, if we're being open and honest, in the raw the actors had little resemblance to their subjects. Hey, I'd even go as far to say Denzel looks nothing like Malcolm X. But being the professional actor that he is, and thus his excellent ability to capture all of Malcolm's small nuances, added to our ability to suspend belief, moving us to see Malcolm and not Denzel. Now Troy, what was your point of mentioning Spike Lee? And what's this bitchin' and moanin' that you let fall from your lips!? Boy oh boy, you need to stop or support your gossip with a few SUBSTANTIAL FACTS. But listen, don't talk about Spike b/c that's my boy. Did I tell you I made a trip to Chicago so I could get an autographed copy (from the man in person) of his 359p coffee table book "Do The Right Thing"? Yep, unlike the days up in here when I begged authors for free books and autographs Spike gave me an autograph and a smile. That reminds me, out of all the authors that I begged during the period when Thumper held chat night, the only author who turned me down was......... **drum roll**......... Bernice L. McFadden. Wait, I believe there was one more, but I can't remember his name. His book was on an old school boxer? Huummmm... why does the name "Cooper" come to mind? I know that's not the name of the author, but maybe someone who joined in the conversation? Dang it, that is going to bug the mess out of me The following pictures from the book are just a few of the over 140 pages of photos taken during the filming of the movie Do The Right Thing. Btw, the entire hand written script is also included. The cover of the book Eddie Murphy just hanging out on the set I had to show you guys a picture of one of the best black actors of all time, Ossie Davis, whose wife was also in the film. That last picture is not in the book , That's Gérard Depardieu's son, Harvey Keitel and me. I believe I can safely say all of you know of Keitel and some may remember the French actor and film-maker who won a number of honors including a nomination for an Academy Award for the title role in Cyrano de Bergerac and the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in Green Card. Well, since this is a book site and I was doing research to write my own book, I'll share a little short story with you guys. Well, as I said, the above actor is Gérard Depardieu's son. He was an experience and a story ALL itself, to-say-the-least. Do I have stories! I could tell y'all about a party in Abel Ferrara's hotel room. "Carey, who is Abel Ferrara?" WHAT!? He is an American film screenwriter and director. He is best known as an independent filmmaker of such films as The Driller Killer, Ms. 45, King of New York, Bad Lieutenant and The Funeral. Now, if you guys ever saw the film "Bad Lieutenant" you have a peek into the party. Yep, art imitating life. Anyway.... I'd better move on **hit my e-mail if you want specifics (about anything in this comment... careydarnell@yahoo.com ** Guillaume Depardieu later went on to gain popularity - in not a very respectable way. Well, Guillaume never fully recovered from a life of drug addiction, a road crash and a hospital infection which forced the amputation of his right leg. He also had been a male prostitute and gigolo as part of a teenage revolt against his father's famous name. He also served two jail sentences for theft and drugs offences. Shortly after this picture (shaking hands) was taken at a film festival in Colorado, he boarded a plane and later was arrested in Paris - for Heroin possession. In 1992, he received the Cesar award for the most promising actor. At the age of 37, he died of pneumonia.
  9. Hello, What are some of the AALBC alumni up to these days? Well, I know what this guy does in his spare time. Community Theater. A Tribute to the first black star of American television. Who is the alumni and what character is he playing?
  10. Troy, I meant to add that I believe in TD Jakes. He appears to be a honest man who actually believes in his convictions.. He may be in the elite group of mega-church preachers, however, unlike many of today's pulpit pimps, he is not a "prosperity" preacher in the sense that if you send him 100 dollars, you're promised 1000 back. If he speaks on prosperity, it's generally related to the rewards as defined in the Bible, not monetary rewards. I probably watch his program at least 3 times each week. My lady is one of those so called "church folks". She loves to listen to TD Jakes, Joyce Meyers and Creflo Dollar.
  11. Troy, there's absolutely no doubt that discussion boards like you have here are much better suited for conversation. In fact, the movie site I mentioned has a terrible format. One cannot edit (ever) and there's now way to respond to a particular comment. And check this, every response is listed first. For instance, the comment that I am now writing, it would appear right after the title of the tread (last in, first listed). Also, there's no paragraph breaks. In short, it's not suited for conversation, however, several long debates do ensue. One such debate--> Zoe Saldana Is Apparently Taking Over For Mary J. Blige To Play Nina Simone, drew 165 comments. Many folks thought it was an act of blasphemy to allow a light-skin "mixed" black woman portray Ms Simone. But again, I thought the old board was better (or easier to navigate) but you have a nice... A VERY NICE setup. Btw, stop checking your temperature, you don't have a fever. You're agreeing because you're getting older and wiser.
  12. Troy, I believe it's safe to say last nights debate did "more" to help Romney than Obama, but what is that really saying? As you said, people see what they want to see. And seriously, are these "supposed" undecided voters really undecided? Who are these people that wait until the 11th hour to decide which candidate best suits their interests? At this point of the game, what are they waiting for? If they don't know the issues and each candidates position, something doesn't smell right. I believe they just like the attention, or they just love being contrary. Then again, there could actually be those who are waiting for Romney to clearly state how he will actually do the things he has proposed.- which he has never clearly define. He's good at speaking in ambiguous terms. And you are correct, Obama is saddled with the burden of defending the indefensible. Also, he seems to run from confrontation. On the other hand, Romney loves it. He becomes sort of like a bully. That plays well to a certain segment of society, especially imo, some racial segments of America. To that point, again, Obama has to walk a very thin line. It's safe to say some whites would love nothing more than to take the side of "the white man"... if you know what I mean. So Obama has to pick his fights wisely, which puts him at a disadvantage. But I'll tell you what. I've always thought Obama was the wisest man in the field. He knows that he who laughs last, laughs best. In other words, Romney may have won this battle but humans have a short memory, or at least they remember the last things first. I'm not saying he was pulling a rope-a-dope, but he will not be as soft and defensive next time. That reminds me, many thought he erred by not mentioning Romney's 47% remark. Well, I believe he knew Romney had practiced his response over and over again, so he kept that close to his vest. But watch, he'll come back and hit him when and where he least expects it. Watch, the president will ramp up his offense -- I hope In the end, I still believe this is a done deal. Romney may have "won" this first debate, but he can't carry the states (those non-red/non-blue states) he needs to become president. His position on Medicare reform and his disconnect with the middle-class will be his demise.
  13. Dang, I didn't make the top 10 (I fell to 11th place). But in reference to the original question of "why", I believe Thumper's absence holds huge weight. He was engaged, funny, original, unpretentious and honest. You always knew he would be there. If one wanted to talk about a book, he probably read it and was ready and willing to talk back. Did things get nasty between him a Kola? Yes, very ugly. Below the belt and low blow to say the least. It got brutally ugly. I tried to stay in the middle of that one. I was cool with both of them. But that was not always the case. Who remembers that "series" Kola had? Kola painted me as a ugly pig. However, I believe I was cool with everyone -- except -- you know who Now, do I believe some folks were upset at some posters, and thus took their ball and ran home? Most certainly. But I never understood that mindset. I mean, take the good and leave the rest behind. I believe it's that simple. Did I have beefs with some posters. Yelp! Could my style of "confrontation"/ debate led to some not posting? Could be. However, I believe long open discussions has become an outdated custom - period. Even at large black movie sites, conversation is hard to come by. If the conversation is not about Tyler Perry or some racial issue or something anti-Hollywood, comments are hard to come by. And lately, one site has noticed their "hits" have taken a severe beating b/c he was using Facebook as a means to inform his readers of new content. Well, Facebook has begun charging for services that were once free. Say for instance the editor/host of the site posted 12 different items ( i.e. a new movie review, actor interview, film festival update, new tv program, etc) each item will now require a payment, At least that's what I got from his post. I am not a Facebook kind of guy. I guess the core of his readers were accessing his site through Facebook. Okay, that's my 2 cents.
  14. " I could cast 1,000 votes and it would not make a difference in the out come of the election; Obama still wins NY". Disheartening isn't it. Yeah, and just think, there are several other states that fall in that same category. And if we really wanna uncover voting "unfairness"/discrepancies, look no further than the Electoral College. I was amazed to read when and how that system was developed. On a related note, regardless of a state's population, isn't it interesting that each state has 2 senators? And each of their votes have the same power as senators from states with huge populations such as New York and California. While I am here, I might as well mention the debate. In my opinion, based on past presidential debates, they have little affect on voters, and thus, the overall election. George Bush (Sr & Jr) were terrible debaters. I believe late night's debate was just a war of rhetoric. And it gives the talking heads more to squawk about, "look to the mega churches and you'll be able to answer your own question". Well Troy, I don't believe that's true. It may for others but not me. See, I was raised in the church. I have a long line of "preachers" in my family. Consequently, having sat in many pews for many hours, in several states, I was forced to discern truth from fake. I am suggesting that a good speaker -- under my guidelines -- has to not only have a command of the English language (i.e. vocabulary, enunciation), they have to convince me that what they are saying is true, or at least, they believe it;s true. Sometimes, that's accomplished with one's facial expressions in tandem with their words. Eyes have a hard time lying. Therefore, the mega-church ministers you've referred to, by and large, are off the table. I think we can agree that Obama is limited by his position of POTUS. .
  15. Now now Cynique, don't be so mean. I thought fine black wine mellowed with age? Besides, you know the lick... there's no place like home. And since I was born and raised in this here brier patch, just because your name is now on the door, don't be asking me what brought me back. Just say that you missed me.
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