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  1. "I wish they would stop calling these debates. In an actual debate you need to be able to substantiate a statement" HEllO! These "debates" are more like closing arguments to a jury. The whole set-up reminds me of the adage "The best lawyers are not the ones who submit the most truths and facts, it's the ones who tells the most compelling lies in a truthful and convincing fashion".
  2. I've been reading Leonard Pitts Jr's commentary for several years. Specifically his newspaper column (always loved them). However, not until reading this post, did I know anything else about the man. I certainly didn't know he was Pulitzer prize winner. Giving one's "opinion" in a column is quite different than writing a novel, however, like you Troy,based on his "voice", writing style and his ability to engage me, I will have to check out his latest offering.
  3. Thanks WG870, I love sharing our journey. And I take pride in knowing where I came from and more importantly, I adore sharing the struggles of those who came before us. To that point, I believe it's our responsibility to pass down our journey to this new generation, as those in power continue to "white-wash" our history.
  4. Yes WG540, there is a difference. Homosexuality is not a crime punishable by 30-60 years in prison. It's merely a "sin" by some's definition.
  5. In respect to black soldiers, I've said this before but I'll share again... my great-great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War. Well, actually he was stationed on a small island now known as The Arsenal Island. Listen, I am sure we all have stories of struggle. It's been said that if a man controls your mind, he controls you. I am not the type that blames others for my faults. However, if a person's dreams and hopes are deferred by limited exposure , who's to blame? Maybe no one, because in doing so, we look back and not forward. When I think about the dreams of my grandfather, I know
  6. Troy, I thought Samuel got great reviews for his portrayal of Martin Luther King in Mountain Top? Did you go? Yes, on several occasions Zoe has identified her self as black. It's been a topic of major discussions. In fact, on one site her exact words (a quote) has been posted. In reference to begging for books, don't get me wrong, I was not mad at the authors one bit. It was more of a hobby and a self-challenge than anything else. It was like a challenge to see if my "selling skills" and voice of persuasion were still there. re: Talking and talking, and "group-think". It's been
  7. Cynique, please don't fool yourself into believing (and you're not convincing anyone else) that Nah'Sun points were not well taken by those of us whose views are not biased. On the other hand, I saw your comments as a severe case of DENIAL. Listen, as I see it, Nah'Sun did not run out of words per se, he just got tired of trying to teach an old dog new tricks. I mean, you've admitted to be cynical and some have defined you as "bitter", so what purpose would it serve to continually build a platform for you to run around spewing hater-aid infused envy and jealousy?
  8. Good point Cynique, although I don't believe it's about going for "cheap", it is about star power or at least "bank-ability" and likability, to a large degree. As was the case with Samuel Jackson's participation in Pulp Fiction ( and I believe Bruce Willis), sometimes an actor will take a part for reasons unrelated to their huge salaries. The Simone biopic's budget is around 10 million. That's VERY low by today's standards. Consequently, from the producer's perspective, we can deduce that this is about star power. Going deeper, this film is intended for an overseas audience, which "suppos
  9. Hello, What are some of the AALBC alumni up to these days? Well, I know what this guy does in his spare time. Community Theater. A Tribute to the first black star of American television. Who is the alumni and what character is he playing?
  10. Troy, I meant to add that I believe in TD Jakes. He appears to be a honest man who actually believes in his convictions.. He may be in the elite group of mega-church preachers, however, unlike many of today's pulpit pimps, he is not a "prosperity" preacher in the sense that if you send him 100 dollars, you're promised 1000 back. If he speaks on prosperity, it's generally related to the rewards as defined in the Bible, not monetary rewards. I probably watch his program at least 3 times each week. My lady is one of those so called "church folks". She loves to listen to TD Jakes, Joyce Meye
  11. Troy, there's absolutely no doubt that discussion boards like you have here are much better suited for conversation. In fact, the movie site I mentioned has a terrible format. One cannot edit (ever) and there's now way to respond to a particular comment. And check this, every response is listed first. For instance, the comment that I am now writing, it would appear right after the title of the tread (last in, first listed). Also, there's no paragraph breaks. In short, it's not suited for conversation, however, several long debates do ensue. One such debate--> Zoe Saldana Is Apparently Takin
  12. Troy, I believe it's safe to say last nights debate did "more" to help Romney than Obama, but what is that really saying? As you said, people see what they want to see. And seriously, are these "supposed" undecided voters really undecided? Who are these people that wait until the 11th hour to decide which candidate best suits their interests? At this point of the game, what are they waiting for? If they don't know the issues and each candidates position, something doesn't smell right. I believe they just like the attention, or they just love being contrary. Then again, there could actual
  13. Dang, I didn't make the top 10 (I fell to 11th place). But in reference to the original question of "why", I believe Thumper's absence holds huge weight. He was engaged, funny, original, unpretentious and honest. You always knew he would be there. If one wanted to talk about a book, he probably read it and was ready and willing to talk back. Did things get nasty between him a Kola? Yes, very ugly. Below the belt and low blow to say the least. It got brutally ugly. I tried to stay in the middle of that one. I was cool with both of them. But that was not always the case. Who remembers tha
  14. " I could cast 1,000 votes and it would not make a difference in the out come of the election; Obama still wins NY". Disheartening isn't it. Yeah, and just think, there are several other states that fall in that same category. And if we really wanna uncover voting "unfairness"/discrepancies, look no further than the Electoral College. I was amazed to read when and how that system was developed. On a related note, regardless of a state's population, isn't it interesting that each state has 2 senators? And each of their votes have the same power as senators from states with huge populations
  15. Now now Cynique, don't be so mean. I thought fine black wine mellowed with age? Besides, you know the lick... there's no place like home. And since I was born and raised in this here brier patch, just because your name is now on the door, don't be asking me what brought me back. Just say that you missed me.
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