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Why Can't the Democrats realize they are in a War?

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If the Democrats had had a pro drilling stance the Republicans would be running it all up their asses right now. You would see cartoons with Obama covered in oil. They would be blaming it on them and be shouting "Drill Baby Drill every other sentence"

The Democrats can't seem to realize they are in a war for power. Knowledge will not do it. Education will not do it. The other side knows the truth, but it ignores it because it knows what it wants and will do anything to get it.

It will not end until one side has smashed the other to the ground and is standing there with its foot on the others neck. We are in the same period as late in Weimar Germany--when the right uttlerly smashed the left and led the world to war.

I got to admit it--if I was white I would be a Republican.

Who wants to follow a wuss? A leader is supposed to be bold, courageous and ruthless.

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I think it's no longer about Democrats and Republicans but about the victors and the vanquished. Losing Republicans will fall, and losing Democrats will stumble. The strong and powerful of both parties, however, will survive, and although the Dems have a wimpy facade, individually they are as treacherous and expedient as the Republicans when it comes to indulging their power-hungry interests. Opposing candidates will simply co-op each other's campaign promises and mislead the voters into thinking they will give them what they want - after telling them what it is they want. Politics.

Yes, America is undergoing change, but not upheavel. Things will be different in the future but the more things change, the more they'll become the same and the masses will just go with the flow like they always have, doing what it takes to survive. Baby Boomers are being replaced by the "Me-first" generation and these self-absorbed narcissistics will stay afloat. This will be a time of separating the swift from the slow, the unfettered from the entangled, which is why young Blacks should be careful about burdening themselves with a lot of baggage/children. IMO.

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