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If you are ready this and are not subscribed to the AALBC.com YouTube channel you have may make up for it by subscribing now.


YouTube, for now anyway, is one of the remaining (perhaps the only) major social networking platforms that still gives you a financial reward in return for the content your contribute to their platform and they provide a service to you without trying to completely cannibalize your website's traffic.


If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will help me spread the word about Black literature.  Your support matters.  Promoting Black literature has always been a grassroots effort; it is not done by corporations but by people you and me.



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The link you provide to subscribe to your YouTube channel does not accept new applicants, Troy.  It is for those who are already subscribers and wish to access your channel. A least that is the problem I am experiencing.    

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Cynique, if you click the link you should be presented with a webpage that looks like the screen shot below.  If you do not see a prompt for you to subscribe you may already be subscribed.  If so, thanks, if not thanks for tryng.  And thanks for your support!



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A great  professional looking site providing a potpourri of material  for anyone interested in reading or writing books.   The table of contents in this online magazine is a menu made more attractive by the inclusion of pictures.  It's a busy site that resonates with  immediacy and verve.  Would i subscribe to it? Yes.  




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