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The Smalls Family: Based On The Lyrics Of The Notorious B.I.G.

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I think I see the difference in our opinions Chris, what you see as permeation I see as sellin' out.  What you see as influence I view as co-optation. 


To a casual observer the distinction means little, but to me it means everything in the world.


The hip-hop of my day was not a tool of corporate America it was instead a direct reaction to oppression.  Seen?

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Not quite. I can easily say it is selling out, but in regard to Busta and the horrible contracts he had at Violator and then with Cash Money, I'm okay with him making his money. I think selling out is the ignorant garbage that is being passed off as hip-hop and rap. The misogynistic, misguided, hyper sexualized disrespectful crap is selling out. We agree. The art that Common and The Roots are creating along with Kendrick Lamar is no where near selling out, it's helping to transition rap into it's next phase. The commercialized aspects are killing almost everything that makes money. I once wrote an answer in a book named 100 Black and White questions about Eminem being the second coming of Elvis. I later regretted saying this because I realized that Eminem is more hip-hop than 99% of the Black emcees in the mainstream. I think the co-opting in Hip-hop is clearly with Iggy Azalea and these influx of wack White women rappers. There are some other White rappers who are co-opting, but because of the amount of good rap out there I'm able to see it as permeation, but because you may not be aware of as much as I am it seems that we have different views when I think we are very closely aligned in our thoughts. I think what happened is I was arguing the positive aspects, which made it appear that I only see the positive aspects, when that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Read this excerpt and I think you will see very quickly that we are on the same page. My discussion here has been primarily to counter the discussion of the negative aspects: http://www.cbpublish.com/winter-in-hip-hop-track-3-and-it-goes-a-little-something-like-this/

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