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Praedamus Let Us Prey Selling Heaven: It's All An Illusion


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Harry Brown here is a book right up your alley.


Praedamus Let Us Prey Selling Heaven: It’s All An Illusion




“Religion plays an important part in most people’s lives… Many of us have absolute and often blind faith in the churches we attend. But is such dedication and unconditional loyalty well-founded, or even smart? Is it good for people to live their fragile lives based on stories told to them by someone who is not an informed, trusted family member, or a loyal and devoted friend?
Why have Christian churches kept their members in the dark for over 2,000 years? What did the church hierarchy actually know that wasn’t being shared? And why does the church continue to keep secrets, and will that always be the case? 
Let Us Prey takes a brief look at organized religion and its attendant, ominous consequences. It is an attempt to help you understand and appreciate how and why your secular world and spiritual world work, or do not work.” —Don Spears, Excerpted from the Preface (pages 11-12)
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It was interesting reading the reaction on social media about this book.  While it seems people are willing to explore the possibility that organized Christian religion has problems.  The idea that the practice of Christianity itself may actually be the problem, does not seem to occur to folks.


Christianity started 2,000 years ago, but Homo Sapiens were running around 200,000 years before that and were certainly practicing other religions 100,000 years before Christ.


I guess this is a Blue-Dress-Gold-Dress (BDGD) kinda thing.  Some people will believe their religion is the "True" religion while at the same time steadfastly condemning all other religions.  Even when their own religion exposes itself as flawed, they claim that it is not the religion, but a faulty practice of, or bad actors in said religion.

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People just can't cope without a belief that provides them with something to have faith in. They need myths to supply the context for a paternal figure who they can look to and lean on, an all poweful omniscient being who understands their troubles and answers their prayers, - if he sees fit to do so. They need commandments to protect them from themselves and a devil to blame sinful things on. The question could really be posed did God create Man or did Men create God because they couldn't wrap their minds around the idea that - life just is. Over the centuries, religion has become a habit easy to fall into, a tradition that promotes fellowship, an addiction that produces a high, a sanctuary for hypocrisy.  And so it goes...

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