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The debut of Caitlyn, alter-ego of female wanna-be, and former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, is the trending topic on social media. The Internet is all a-twitter either praising or panning Caitlyn’s flipping of the gender script.

For daring to share with the world her angst about being a woman trapped in a man's body,  "Bruclyn" has become the anathema of the Religious Right, the poster child for the LGBT community and an enigma for ex-wife Kris Kardashian.  But, since “she” had the money to remedy this mix-up via plastic surgery and hormones, she has earned the honor of appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair, flaunting her new identity, all glamorous and feminine, skillfully made-up, sporting long hair extensions, implanted boobs, not to mention her big feet and the tucked-in penis she couldn’t bear to part with.  Since she also revealed in a previous interview  that she is not attracted to men, basically, what we have here is -  a lesbian who won’t have strap on a dildo!  WTF. I don’t know who’s less worthy of adulation by the avid American public.  This dysfunctional diva, or the Duggars, the god-fearing baby-makin’ parents of 19 kids, one of whom got lost in the shuffle and ended up molesting a couple of his sisters, an indiscretion triggering the cancellation of the TLC reality show starring this tribe of clones.  Good riddance.

Screw all these dysfunctional, self-absorbed, narcissistic, exhibitionist idiots who make up the freak show carnival of celebrity.  All over the world, children are starving, diseases are infecting, wars are killing, the weather is devastating.  Here in America, the rich are oppressing, politicians are exploiting, police are murdering, schools are failing, prisons are profiting, cities are deteriorating, athletes are battering, pedophiles are molesting, students are bullying,  dates are raping, and hanging on the words of gossip maven Wendy Williams is right up there with believing the empty promises of Hillary Clinton. What's wrong with this picture?  Everything!

Meanwhile the religious crowd stands around waitin’ on Jesus, wringing their hands even as their greedy leaders extend their palms demanding the tithes to finance their extravagant lifestyles.  SMH.

What’s even more disgusting as I bring my rant to a close is having to confess my own guilt when it comes to being mesmerized by the aberration of civilization that defines the 21st century on planet Earth in the year 2015. God help us. I give up.


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Like most magazine covers this has been "cleaned up" quite a bit.  Still he does not look bad for a 65-year-old broad.

People usually slow down to look at a car wreck.  Even though we know we might see something grotesque, we do it anyway.  

Perhaps Bruce Jenner's life distracts us from all the more pressing and important issues that we should be dealing with.  It gives us an opportunity to say, "my life may be jacked up but at least it is not as bad as Bruce's," meanwhile Vanity Fair sells a bazillion copies of this issue. 

Creflo Dollar got his 65 Million dollar private jet and the beat goes on....


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