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9 People Murdered in Charleston Church #CharlestonShooting


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This was a young white male who shot up a Black church.  This mass murder has been labeled a "hate crime."

There are many people who believe white folks are gearing up and initiating a race war.

There are others who believe Christians are under assault and are being persecuted.

#BlackTwitter is a blaze with jokes: "I'm not afraid of Al-Qaeda, I'm afraid of Al-Cracka"


Needless to say it is a horrific event.

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I agree because persecuting Africans and Christians goes back in history, with every crime that has happen some has been identified as hate crimes and persecution, that’s why I think their should be more people who speak up, and take things to the court of law, with all the police brutality us Black folks have to start speaking up, you know where I'm coming from.

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