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  1. well, the thing with the selling baby organs, no offense to any one who might be offended when i say this but that's just weird! who ever thought of that, i heard of people killing albinos too
  2. Akia

    Isn't Slavery Dead?

    oh no, your good, thanks
  3. Well, he's not the second Christ, no one can be, no matter how great they are, no ones, greater than Jesus, also i don't blame those African American Christians for not supporting Obama for standing up for gay marriage, I'm against it, it clearly in the bible that God did not create Women with Women, or Man with Man, Adam (man) Eve(women), i still don't know why people think it's so confusing, gay marriage is a sin, it's not just my opinion it's a fact, in the bible.
  4. I'm getting ready to sign the activist right now!
  5. Akia

    Isn't Slavery Dead?

    kind of but at the same time no, 1, there still slavery going on and some countries, and for some reason i feel like we still have some in the US, 2, Crack, Drugs, Prostitution, yeah, it's not really over completely.
  6. The advise that i would give to someone as a same career as me, hmm, oh, it's a long journey, and your going to have to work for it, but it's worth it and the long run, because when you look back, you would look at your dedication and success, and feel like you spent your time well and time well spended.
  7. Well, before i became a committed christian at 17 again i piped down o rap, but before that i used to be into Rap, but I'm still the same way i was, i don't like the word Bitch or Nigga, and even when i was listening to hip hop i avoided the words, that's why i mainly listened to Tupac, and Nas. and common. don't get me wrong i like hype conversation, but I'm not into Gossip and seeing people acting a fool, or intoxicated seeming they have no common sense what so ever at all, i like heated conversations on stuff that informs me, because I'm a really argumentative person lol,
  8. Although Bill Cosby was a Successful African American actress on the Bill Cosby show, and a professor at Spelman university, he has secrets, Bill Cosby was a good sponsorship for spelman university, he donated 20 million dollars. Even the daughters of Bill Cosby attended spelman, and his son attended more house college a men's college associated with spelman. the producers even went to spelman to talk o the students on script ideas. So this sounds all good and dandy right? well it was alleged that Bill Cosby has been drugging young women with Quaaludes a drug that is sedative, and while theses women were sedated, he has been having sex with them, which is rape, as far as his position at Spelman, his professorship have been terminated at the time. the charges has not yet been disclosed to my knowledge.
  9. That's just insane because i refuse to have my education snatched away from me, haven't the government had enough trying to make young black people lives bitter.
  10. there are some cops like that though, do you remember Travon Martin, just minding his own business, and there goes a white cop.
  11. Every time i see you calling my Brothers and Sisters stupid guess what your going to see me saying, for the last time do not call my brothers and sisters stupid, THANK YOU! for the last time.
  12. That's not right at all, because you don't have to get on a fancy show or live talk show to get some notices, it's dumb and inconsiderate, that's like saying i'm not famous, but somebody i love got hurt, and i don't make it to the news station, but the cast of empire does, OH, but it's all ears when something happen to a rich white family, up in the suburbs, or somebody just won the lottery or a car!
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