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Power List Summer 2015 Best-Selling Books

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We have not written the press release or started to promote the list yet, so you are getting the list first!

There are a wide variety of titles on our list of 40 of the most popular books read by African Americans over the last few months.  Check out all of these titles, I've pulled together videos, reviews and more. 

Looking below the surface:
Here is a list of the conglomerates publishing the most popular books we are reading (This view is not shared on the menu of the powerlist website).  As I continue to collect data an interesting story emerges.  For example, more than 2/3's of the most popular books read by African American readers are published by just 3 conglomerates!

The top company publishing the books we read is based in Germany.  Another, in the top three, also owns Fox News; any surprise which book is at the top of that list?   

Does this matter?



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