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Shared (Free) Banner Advertising


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I was thinking about having each blog create a banner ad which would display an advertisement for each blog.  The ad could be placed on web each of the participating blogs and every time the website's page is loaded a different blog's would appear.  Of course some Blogs are more suitable for banner advertisements than others, but that is a detail that can be worked out it people are interested in the idea.

Some Blogs only have a few inbound links.  This idea would create a great many more, which would raise everyone's profile.  It would perform better than a paid ad--because it could probably get a higher CTR and be done at no cost.

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OK probably the easiest thing to do to get this one rolling would be to solicit banner ads from folks. I'd actually have to create the banner ads for my own Blog.  

Anyone who is interested in doing this here are the steps

1 - Post three banners for their website on this forum.

  1. 728x90 (horizontal)
  2. 300x250 (rectangle)
  3. 160x600 (vertical)

If you do not have three banners post what you have.

2 - Supply the URL I would expect this to be your Blog's homepage

3 - Add the Code that I will provide to display all of the participants banners on your website (this should be the homepage and the very minimum)

Basically that is all that is required.  Our course in order for your banner to remain in rotation on the other sites you must display the banner on your website.

Once I get a few participants I'll provide three pieces of code (one for each ad size).  Participants will be required to serve at least one of the ad sizes.

We will use this conversation to keep track of all of the participating Bloggers.



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Hey Troy, I hope everyone is savvy enough to build their own ads and then upload them to their server. If anyone is not very savvy and they don't have an FTP and they are using Wordpress they can simply upload their banner pictures to their wordpress and then copy and paste the url that is assigned to where it is inside of their server. I hope that is clear... If not then I can reword it and explain it again since I'm not looking at Wordpress I'm just going from memory. I'm working on banners right now.

Edit: I just realized that uploading the artwork here alleviates the need for uploading to their server. Disregard the above stuff.



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No problem Chris, that is why I asked folks to post their banners here. That way I don't have to worry about everyone's server availability. Also, would you edit your post to include the URL you want me to send people who click the banner.  Finally, if you ever get banners for the other sizes add those to the post too.  

Uploading banners for all sizes makes it easier for folks to run you add.  For example, while I can serve the 728x90 banner on my site, I don't have the available inventory, but I could find a spot for a 300x250 banner.

Once I get a few more banners (at least three banners for each size) uploaded here, I'll post the code with instructions.  Maybe I'll run the 728X90 banner ads on the bottom of the discussion forum pages.  

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I actually didn't intend for you to run it. I took a few minutes to create one as an example. I have to wonder though if people are going to have a problem making their own banners and get scared away from doing so because they don't know how. I am going to make more banners and upload them of course, but just for those who don't have a lot of expertise I will add this explanation of how I made the banner up there with just the tools on this computer and not Adobe products:

1. Open Microsoft Publisher to a blank page

2. Once it's open use the shapes button on the tool bar to create your square or rectangle. Make the rectangle according to your ruler bar at the top about 10 inches long and 10 2 inches tall

3. Use the word art feature to create the words, or if you have a picture then fill the rectangle with the picture and then add the word art.

4. Once you come up with the ad copy then you can select all on the page and right click the items choose Save as picture, and select png, jpg, or gif. 

5. Once the pic is saved then go into Microsoft Office Picture Manager

6. Go to crop and you can then reduce the size to 728x90 or whatever shape you decided to use.

I hope this helps out a bit.

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