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How about committing to commenting, or sharing, information on another Blog on a regular basis?  We could do this monthly, weekly, or even daily. Some of us are on social media everyday; why not invest in elevating our own properties?  

This idea is not to force people to comment on other blogs, just for the sake of comments. I'm suggesting that we make the effort to find an article that truly interests us and share it with others who are likely to appreciate it.

Finding a blog should not be a problem; here is a list of more than 200 blogs to choose from: http://aalbc.com/blogs/

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I agree... maybe start a topic... "Did you update your blog today?" and whenever a blogger post something new they can link it there - and even give a quick synopsis.  

For example If I updated my blog with this recent post, "Amazon Associates continues to troll me"  < My 50-11th time Amazon Associates denied my application and closed my account > Read more 

Then it would be a reminder of who is actively blogging and we community members and lurkers could check us out. 

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