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...And Amazon Is Now A Book Agent/Publisher/Distributor...again


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This new program is for those looking to publish Kindle books. I have not read through the program yet, but it strikes me as odd that you can create your own Kindle book and now Amazon is looking to actually give you an advance if they choose you for their program... which also guarantees 40 reviews right off the bat if selected along with that 1500.00 advance. Check this out: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/submit?ref_=pe_446670_147768640_ks_kdp_AugDirMail

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This is certainly a really good idea from Amazon's perspective, I'm sure they will get a deluge of submissions.  It will be interesting to learn what the terms are and how they compare to a traditional book deal, contest, whatever.... 

In the meantime, indie publishers who compete using a different model, often no advance and a 50-50% split on sales could lose out on the best manuscripts to amazon;s $1,500 advance.  Even though the authors have to edit their own manuscripts and get their own covers designed.

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I just published my book on Amazon, it was easy.  It's free until 9/14 if you get a chance check it out.  It's called Wolf Girl finds necRomance.  It's a super natural teen love story.  The heroine is a bi-racial (black and white), intelligent and hard working girl caught between a controlling Native American Skinwalker and a Handsome black necromancer.  I wouldn't recommend to anyone under 15.  There's profanity, sexual situations and violence.ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1442023432&sr=8-1

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Hi Guest (Gisele), The service Chris pointed is completely different than using Amazon to publish a book.  Essentially Amazon is trolling the pool of unpublished manuscripts and deciding which ones to publish--presumably based upon their deep knowledge of the marketplace and the likelihood of profitability.  

If your book is selected Amazon will pay you a $1,500 advance and give you a 50% royalty and exclusive worldwide all format right to your work for 5 years.  Is this a good deal? From the perspective of most writers it probably appears to be, and in today's environment, it probably is when the alternative is to self-publish or not publish at all.

In this program the authors has to have the book edited which could easily cost more than $1,500.  A 50% royalty sounds goo until you learn how Amazon calculate that royalty and what the purchase price of the book will be.

On the upside, you have to believe if Amazon decides to publish your book, they will position these books more prominently than other titles that did not come through the program.


Gisele (all authors reading this) please read this article, "5 Things Writers Must Do To Survive Online." Read point #3 – NEVER Link to Amazon Without Using an Affiliate Code. Failure to heed this point is leaving money on the table.

Here is an better link for you to use when sending people to Amazon: http://aalbc.it/wolfgirlbook the (the article will describe why).



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