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One Easy Way to Improve Twitter Engagement


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If you know me, you know I'm always going on about how we must help each other expand our reach.  

This week I saw a Twitter ad for a company called CoPromote (If you use this link to sign up: http://aalbc.it/COPROMOTE, I'll get more credits for sharing)   

Basically what they have done is formalize the sharing process; they identify content you'd like to share.  You share the content and in return others share your content.  

Now you don't need a 3rd party to do this.  In fact Chris and I do this daily, as a matter of course, but this company provides the resources to help you more easily measure the effectiveness of those shares.  

There is a fee based version of CoPromote. I've only tested the free version, but like what I see so far.  

Below is a screenshot from CoPromote showing their impact on a Tweet I submitted for sharing.  Now this is by no means a viral tweet, but CoPromote was responsible for 10 of the 16 Retweets this tweet got. This substantially increases my reach because I'm being retweeted my by more aggressive marketers who usually have a larger audience.  

Also of the remaining 6 ReTweets 2 of those belong to accounts I own, so in reality I earned 4 organic RT's and 16 through CoPromote. Note CoPromote does not update in realtime so the % increase is not 1,000% it is 400% (not counting the RTs from other accounts I own) 


I also like the way they showed you who RT the post via CoPromote (screenshot below).  These might be good people to follow or network with further:



I care more about clicks to my website than I do about engagement on Twitter.  According to Twitter (screenshot below), this tweet has gotten 6 link clicks so far.  Which is a good number of visitors for a single tweet.


Now this Tweet was not my most popular recent tweet (see screenshot below).  But it does have the highest engagement rate per impression. I don't know how many of the clicks to my site were a result of the CoPromoted shares (CoPromote does not have this data), but I have to believe there was some impact.

I'm going to CoPromote my Beverly Johnson Tweet; since it is a week old I can attribute any additional ReTweets to CoPromote.

It is worth noting here that 4 of the 6 tweets below were generated by a bot that tweets on my behalf.  I did manually tweet the Black Panther tweet (the one I boosted with CoPromote), and the Beverly Johnson tweet.  Beverly (or her team) liked The Tweet, so that probably helped the impressions.  

The Beverly Johnson tweet performed relatively well across all my social platforms, but celebrity related content generally outperforms other content of the same nature.



Finally, you can also promote YouTube Videos and Tumblr Posts.  Again, is you choose to sign up use this account: http://aalbc.it/COPROMOTE Once you sigtn up you can get your on link to get morte sharing on you account.





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I still don't really get Twitter and with the way it's setup to prevent you from following people if you don't have a reciprical amount of followers, I don't place a lot of stock into it, but I do share my articles when I blog.

You nailed it though, if we simply took the time to retweet and share each other's post this would take care of itself. As it stands we will end up relying on another service that does what we should do naturally. This is good info though.

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Hey Chris I'm not sure what you mean by being prevented from following people.  Unless something changed you can follow anyone you want, unless that person prevents you from doing so, and that is (or at least was) not based on the number of people you follow.  

I don't really get Twitter either. I mean I understand intellectually, it simply does not appeal to me.  If Twitter disappeared tomorrow I would not miss it at all.  Back in January 2014 I wrote an article "Author's Don't Need Twitter," which I'm considering revisiting in the near future.  

Again I use it simply use it to attract a few visitors each day and to increase brand awareness. Since I don't engage directly very much, and most of my tweets, are automated it is tiny investment of time.  Using CoPromote might increase the effectiveness of my Twitter investment--we'll see.



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You are basically saying what I mean, by I don't get it. I do get it but I just don't see the value. In regard to the limitations, if you don't have 2 to 1 ratio of following to followers, you can't follow any other people once you follow 2000 and you don't have more than 1000 followers. I have attempted to follow people so I could begin engaging with them on some small biz aspects, but the system prevents me from following any more people until I have added a similar number of people. In other words, I'm stalled at 1999 following and 1212 followers.

I have to dump some people to follow any new people since I don't get followers at a high rate, and I'm unwilling to pay for them. Sorry I haven't been very active lately. Did the family DC trip and all of that walking has thrown me off of my online game, lol.

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DC is day trip distance for me.  Did you get to do U Street, or just the museums and monuments?  They have some great bookstores I'd be willing to bet money Politics and Prose had an authors event worth going to when you were there.  How did you and your family enjoy the city?

Oh I did not know that about Twitter.  I bet they implemented that rule to prevent people from growing their followers artificially.  People use to run programs to follow a bunch of people (you could definite criteria), in an automatic fashion.  The assumption was that a percentage of people would follow you back.  Then the app would circle back and unfollow those that did not follow you back.  If you ever see someone with SAY, 20K followers and they are also following 20K people this usually is an indicator that they've used that tactic.  

NEVER buy followers they are all bugs accounts and of no value.  Some, especially in publishing, are dumb enough to believe that if you have a bunch of followers in Twitter that must mean you also have a platform.  People are easily fooled by this, so I understand while people buy followers.

I follow less than 200 people, which is why I always miss the "Black Twitter" action, always learning about it in the mainstream media.  




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Oh yeah, I just looked at the stats for my CoPromoted Beverly Johnson Tweet for her new book.  CoPromote got 6 Retweet.  I'd only gotta 2 on my own.  So while the numbers are small that is still a 400% increase.  I looked at all of the accounts that retweeted my post.  None of them have as many followers as I have.  I feel like I'm helping them more than they are helping me.

Also, more importantly, I looked at the number of clicks to my site from Twitter.  There were just two and they were both on August 27, the day I originally sent the tweet. The Copromoted retweets resulted in no click throughs to my website.

Now that I was able to isolate the impact of Copromote, from my effort, I have a better picture of CoPromote's impact.  Click throughs, my goal, may not be generated as a result of using coPromote.  I'll experiment a bit more, but the lack of clicks is probably a function of the Retweeters not be closely allied/aligned with my brand--they are just retweeting to get credits, so folks will retweet them..



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My problem is two fold: I have the sneaker site which is where most of my original following and following back derived from, and then I have the CBP crowd where I've been following and retweeting people that are startups or bloggers, etc. So I followed a lot of people early on to create interest in my footwear company. I still need to tweet about both the shoes and the books, so I have a confusing social media platform. I'm now just looking at who adds me on Twitter and then I'm following back based on my interest level. The problem is I only interact with twitter when I share something and someone responds. I don't take the time to scroll through and retweet very often. So my engagement is very topical and without a lot of substance. 

I have really chosen Facebook as my primary form of social and if I didn't think it looked odd I would delete my Instagram and Twitter since I don't really interact with them. You know like I do how little I get from Social if I don't spend a ton of time on it. At least with Facebook I'm able to post pictures, links, etc and keep up with people. I simply am not interested in posting so much to the Gram and to Twitter. 

I do realize that the moment I get a big time cosign it won't matter what social media platform I use, I will get engagement. People only want to follow and listen to stars.

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