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40 Books Vie for 2015 National Book Awards.

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Celebrate the Longlists for the 2015 National Book Awards!


The National Book Foundation released their Longlists for the 2015 National Book Awards this week. The 40 titles in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Young People's Literature represent a diverse body of exemplary literature, selected by their panel of judges.

AALBC.com will of course highlight the books written by African American Authors.  

Ta-Nehisi's, Between the World and Me, will win.  I've never failed to predict a National Book Award winning title.

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My record remains unbroken.  Ta-Nehisi did go on to win the award last night.  Of the 40 longlisted titles 9 were written by African American authors.  That is more Black authors than were nominated during the first quarter century of the awards, which started in 1950.  To be fair the first 25 years did not recognize so many titles.  Still 9 is a record number of Black authors recognized by these awards.



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Yeah I have a lot more content but I wanted to get the winners done first. If I made more money the coverage could have been better.  It is interesting so little of the Black media seemed interested in this-the Academy Awards of the book world.  A Huria Search yields nothing.  

The problem could be that Google (which drives Huria Search) simply has not indexed the any of the Black media pages yet--which speaks to a completely different problem if a newspaper's website (homepage anyway) is not being indexed by Google on a daily basis--at least.  

Now that I think about I have not added my test site to my own search engine or Huria Search.  I fully expect to see my pages in a Google a search tomorrow.

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Yeah not tracking what is happening with your website as far as search is concerned is like walking around blind.  You can do it, but you really won't have any idea what is happening all around you.  SEO is FAR more important that social media marketing as the impact of search is far greater than social.

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