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Great Ways to Promote Your Books On AALBC.com!


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NEW SALE PRICE Your Book for Only $50 for 50 Days!

Place your book’s cover on AALBC.com homepage, and our Book’s section main page, 50 days for just $1 a day.  Visitors, who click your book’s cover, may be sent to any website you choose.



Dedicated Sponsored Email $299

Send a rich email message to our mailing list of over 11,000 subscribers. Open rates for our mailings are greater than 25%; many recipients are paid subscribers. You pick the mailing date. Only one Dedicated Sponsored email is sent each calendar month.  All mailing are permanently archived on AALBC.com. Here are some samples.



AALBC.com eNewsletter Sponsorship $149

Promote your author, book, event or business by sponsoring the AALBC.com eNewsletter.  This is the only advertisement in our monthly eNewsletter, and it appears right at the top of the email.



Other Options

Of course our Lightbox and Big Book ads always perform well.

If you would like to pay per impression, our rates are $10 CPM.  Click through rates on advertisements are typically in the single digit range.

Finally, as part of our upgrade, advertisers will have the ability to place and monitor their own advertisements on AALBC.com. I plan to complete the upgrade in March of 2016, to coincide with our 18 anniversary. 

Here is a list of some of the new types of content that will appear on AALBC.com (AALBC.org is the test site): http://aalbc.com/aalbccom-is-being-upgraded.html

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Hi Cynique, sorry for the delayed response.  I working on a profile page that ties in each writers, books, articles and reviews on the website.  I'm using your profile as a test case: http://aalbc.it/conniebradley since you have all three.

Why thank you for taking advantage of the promotional deal.  Of course I have to throw something in extra for you :-)

Basically you follow the link: http://aalbc.it/1dollarperday that will take you to square (sort of like PayPal but with a nicer setup), then you click the blue "Add to Basket" button that is all it takes.  Thanks!

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Thank you, Troy! ( I'd almost for gotten about those books I reviewed.)  I really appreciate your giving me the "something special", not to mention an easy way to keep my book out there because trying to promote it on my own calls for more energy and enthusiasm than I can muster nowadays. So - what I'm purchasing from aalbc is a service in the format of buying a book. Right?  Okaaaay. I'm on it!

Also, I would like to include the link to my web site somewhere in the pitch. 



Thanks again!



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@Shirley Gale, the promotion will last until I roll out the new website design (more info).  I'm not sure how I will position these type of book ads on the new website. I want to keep the lower priced options available to advertisers, but I just not sure how that will be done on the new website, I'd like to make the main pages, including the homepage a lot less clutter than they are now.

@Cynique oh that one is easy, I'll just link your book's cover to your Blog.  I just added the a link to your blog from your Author Profile page.  To be clear, this service is getting your book cover on the aalbc.com homepage and the books main page for 50 days (not counting whatever extra I throw for being Cynique :)).  Thanks for your support.

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