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Guest Paul L. Leach

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Guest Paul L. Leach

This is poem I didn't post the first time.




You raped me

stole thoughts and feelings I had hidden

releasing inhibitions, feelings 

imbibed in my spirit

warm, wet, fetishes

like your tongue parting my lips

invading my soul

making me victim to love 

a word too simple to describe my feelings

of your penetration 

ejaculated rhythm

a pain so sweet

it's syrupy, sticky-jismish glow

stains sheets every tomorrow I'm alone



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As a reader,  rape connotes violence and robs me of any ecstasy in the act. The title took me there. There are rape victims who did not come forward initially because they admitted to being aroused when they were being victimized by that sinful lust. I guess this is where my mind went. That's poetry for you. It's all up to interpretation.  We do indeed create our own truths. :)

On another thought, I wish I hadn't hit that lowercase i in my response. I certainly know better!!!!!

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This poem is ambiguous, to say the least, an exercise in mixed emotions, even making reference to being vicitimized by the inadequacy of the word "love" to describe what is taking place.  I find it curious and presumptuous that a man would even write a poem about rape from the perspective of a woman. His inability to be objective would of course, lead him to perceive rape as a secret desire of  women - thereby creating  his own truth. Then, there's always the possibility that this work is about a homosexual encounter between 2 men.      

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. it's cold out.  ZZ  ZZZ  ZZZZ....


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Thank you ladies for reading and commenting on my poem. Ms. Cynique's initial interpretation of my poem was just about spot on. This poem was written as part of a short story I wrote, where the main character was so in love with a woman that "rape" was the only way he could express his feeling when she left him. I wanted the poem to come off as if he'd been violated, but still very much in love with her. Ms. Gale, I apologize if my poem evoked any harsh thoughts towards the piece or me, as a person.

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