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Black Author Secrets: How I Make $2,500+ in Book Sale Every Month


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I first met Dante, the author of the book below, over a decade ago at the time he was a wonder kid, a young entrepreneur who'd carved out several successful niches on the Black World Wide Web.  He was in Black Enterprise, often quoted, the whole nine.  He would later publish a book through Hay House's Smileybooks called Black Business Secrets.

Black Author Secrets. Get your copy today before the price goes back up to $4.95!


He Dante references AALBC.com as a source.  He also practices what he preaches by promoting his book on our site.

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I just purchased this book via your link... 1- I wanted to experience the process.  The link took me to the author's eCommerce site.. I could pay via paypal or a credit card. (Btw, the price was $2.99 not $.99) Once my purchase was complete, I could download it or put it in my dropbox.  For some reason the dropbox didn't work but I was able to download the pdf.  Each page is watermarked  with  my name and email address and a note that it is my personal copy.  (How did he do that?) I can tell you one secret to making money is purchasing the book directly from the author - if more people would purchase from author and/or through an affiliate it - authors/publishers can keep more of their royalties.    I plan to release my next publications directly from my website. 

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I purchased the book too, in fact I purchased two copies because I lost the first .pdf file (due to a bad hard drive).  I actually read the book last night. in about an hour or so.  I too was curious to learn which tools he used to sell in the pdf version.  

I had to print the ebook out though, I still prefer paper.  Given the large font, broad margins, and liberal use of full page images the page count was well over 100 pages when it could have easily been half the number of pages.  Then again I could have printed the document two pages to a side and that probably would have been a better use of paper.  The pdf was definitely optimized for reading on a handheld or inflate page count he was also a recommendation made in his book.

If you read the book, Dante describes you how he setup his site to sell the pdf.  He used shopify which also watermarks the pdf file for you.  I was also interested in his recommendations for book cover designers, he points out several recommendation available through Fiverr.

On the 2nd purchase I too tried to save to dropbox too, but was unable to do it.  I assumed I did not have the space or that I was some other problem that was on my end, but since we both had problems I could have been on the Shopify side. 

I definitely like Dante's recommendation of selling directly.  You can price the product for less and increase your profit margins over selling through Amazon.  But as you suggest you are faced with the challenge of getting people to buy directly from you (or an independent affiliate selling on your behalf), when folks are so wedded to Amazon.  Dante seems to have addressed this problem by dramatically reducing the price of the ebook.

I'll be looking into the Shopify software it will be cool if they also have an affiliate program that would allow authors to give others the opportunity to sell their ebooks and make some money. 

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54 minutes ago, Troy said:

'll be looking into the Shopify software it will be cool if they also have an affiliate program that would allow authors to give others the opportunity to sell their ebooks and make some money. 

I've played around with Shopify and I really enjoyed how easy it was to set up a storefront.  The trial period was 30 days back then I see they've made it 14 days. 

EXCEPT they didn't have book store templates when I first tried it in 2012 or 2013!!! 

 There were a lot of templates to choose from or if you are good at coding you could do it yourself CSS - but now - wow!  It is best to prepare all your sales copy before so you can set up the shopify site in one day. This way you can really test out the sales features. 

 You can either use your own domain name or one with the shopify extension. When I tested it out initially it was $29 plus the percentage of sales. I signed up with  fetchapp  to download ebooks after purchase.  Since I was only selling one e-book  it was free. fetchapp doesn't offer the watermark though...  

This book was worth the 2.99 just because it informed me of shopify's growth!  I agree the book is easily 30 pages max but I feel that it has more than paid for itself already.  Thanks for the heads up! 

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