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A vote for the ages

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I watched the opening proceedings of the Democratic presidential convention in Philadelphia last night, and it was interesting, if nothing else.  I personally thought the quality and tone and message of all the speakers helped to defuse the earlier flare-ups

At night's end, however, I continue to have a problem with the "Bernie-or-Bust" fanatics.  They're liked spoiled brats who, because they didn't get their way, take their bats and go home. Their "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude is a reflection of the sense of entitlement that afflicts the Millennials who makeup Sanders' supporters, and who are like rowdy fans at a high school football game. They are so inured in their self-righteousness, and are naive about the real world since they spend so much of their time playing video games and patronizing super hero movies,  The man who they idolized has seen the wisdom of looking ahead and visualizing the consequences of  a Trump victory, and Bernie has opted to endorse who he thinks should be the choice for the next POTUS.  

 Yes, the DNC  was partial to Hillary, but they didn't steal the nomination.  Bernie got his message out and won states and delegates.  The people are who had their say, and more of them voted for Hillary than Bernie. Sanders also accomplished his goal of nudging Hillary to the left in her campaign promises. Best of all, the woman responsible for the DNC's misconduct has been fired and banished from the convention.   

Yet the "Hate Hillary" crowd prefers to enable Donald Trump by threatening to withhold their vote for a Democratic candidate whose assets outweigh her liabilities, many of which, when vetted, do not hold up,while others stem from being blamed for the sins of her husband.  Clinton is by no means perfect, but she is not running for a office that calls for perfection; it calls for someone who is tough, shrewd and knows whereof they speak in a global context. 

I've made up my mind to vote for a woman for president because not only does she have all the cool people on her side, but - as Bernie reminded us, we need a Democrat in office to appoint upcoming Supreme Court vacancies whose rulings will be instrumental in shaping the future of this country.  And we all know Trump wants to return to the past.  

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Although it would be nice to have a woman president, initially I hadn't planned to vote for either one of them based on principle.

But now it appears that unless Hillary wins by a landslide in November, we may just see a repeat of the 2000 fiasco where all types of games were being played with ballots and at polling stations.
If Trump comes anywhere near 45% or even 40% of the actual vote, these Republican Governors and other operatives at the state and local level will do their damnedest to manipulate the results and try to get their guy in.

Perhaps for the first time in a long time literally ALL votes will count in this one to make sure the victory is clear and indisputable.

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