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Facebook's Algorithm Change Helps AALBC.com...

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...at least for now.

About a month ago I reported that at the current rate, referral traffic from social media this year, was on track to exceed the referral traffic from all previous years combined.  Since Facebook is such a substantial portion of all of my social media traffic can effectively use "Facebook" and "Social Media" interchangeably.

Well traffic from Facebook for the first 8 months of 2016 has already exceeded traffic generated during all the previous years combined!

I decided to stop using Facebook to promote AALBC.com, because my organic reach was declining despite a growing fan base and daily active engagement. Now in 2016, after I taking my Facebook usage to the bare minimum; my referral traffic hits record levels?! 

I believe the increase is traffic to AALBC.com from Facebook is the result of one or more algorithms changes designed to increasing social sharing on their platform. The benefit to AALBC.com while relatively substantial is almost certainly short lived and certainly nothing to bank on.  

The algorithm change may have also been designed to get me to engage more on their platform, in an attempt to increase the traffic. Well I can tell you right now, there is no incentive for me to got back to actively engaging on Facebook again.  I learned my lesson.  

The free time I've gained by eliminating Facebook engagement, has allowed me to grow AALBC.com's traffic much more substantially than I ever could have through Facebook.

This might sound extreme, but I believe Facebook has already peaked, and is on a decline. You traders out there, short FB.

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I don't think FB is on a decline. Facebook is a power brand now and their ability to consume and swallow other companies will keep it relevant for a very long time. 

I am in complete agreement with you as well. Last year when I did the 30 day project away from social media (which led to the book), I found similar results. By sticking with a limited amount of business interaction on social, I've redesign my site and the traffic and affiliate revenue has grown substantially. You are right on point overall, but I disagree about FB diminishing. 

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