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Online Marketing Services for Authors


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AALBC.com is curently testing a service where I provide online markting services to authors. 

The idea is that AALBC.com would work with authors and publishers to help them market and promote ther books on the web.  This would of course include promotion on AALBC.com's platform, but it would also include the use of social media, Amazon, Google adsense, and other Black owned websites.  

This service is an attempt to evaluate and maximize the effectiveness of various online options to give the client the best bang for the buck on the web.

@CDBurns, this is the answer to the question you posed several months ago on the Bloggers helping Bloggers forum on what service I can provide, beyond the 30 day and out type of banner ad placing.

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Okay, let me know and I will be the guinea pig. I have to figure out a way to begin selling books. Every day I help someone start something I realize that what I've written is really good, I just don't have any celebrity attached to my name so my reach is very limited. With as many people who want to start a business, there isn't any reason I'm not selling a thousand of each book in my business series. Something has to work. I'm ready.

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Hey, @CDBurns, I'm feeling you. I read your posts, and know you're an excellent writer.  I'm finding that the biggest obstacle to getting more publicity is reviews. You must find other people who are willing to read your book (fiction/non-fiction) and who are willing to be honest about what they feel. I am very discriminating about who writes my reviews. I did use a UK company called BookViral and they wrote a review. I did have to pay for the review, but they didn't have to write the review the way they did--it was wonderful http://bookviral.com/severed/4592052195.  The question is whether someone is going to be truly honest about what they think of your writing because so many don't know how to write a review without feeling insecure. Trust no one. But you do need to find someone. Mind you, my novel received a 3-page critique by a professional, who years later, took my work and created her own novel based upon it and received critical acclaim. So you have to be discerning about to whom you give it. I'm also convinced that we have lowered our standards so much here in the US that there is no real honest arbiter of good writing -- because nobody wants to recognize it and give it to you unless you're already famous. If you're self-published, like I am (I created my own publishing company), it's rough. If you're published by a large publisher, it's easier but you still have to do the work. If you're on Twitter, you can follow me @2ysur2ysub or @VLTowler (strictly for writing, but 11,000 less followers!). My thing is that writers must support other writers and help each other, especially if we're writing good stuff. If no one is wiling to champion us, then who will. We must champion each other. This is why I respect Troy so much and want to help him get the word out. Social media does not equal reads. You MUST get reviews. I think you likely know that already, however, so please excuse me if I'm stating the obvious.

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Guest djatpopular
On September 4, 2016 at 5:35 PM, Troy said:

I'm still months away from pricing, but I'm thinking the pricing would be a function of budget and goals of the individual clients. Lets talk. I'll follow up after the holiday.

I am interested in getting help with my online business targeted toward black women. Can help with this or can you recommend someone that can help me with online marketing strategy and execution?

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