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When White People Talk About Facebook Marketing


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When white* people talk about Facebook marketing they make recommendations like:

  • Facebook ads should get people off of Facebook and onto your website or mailing list. The longer people are on Facebook, the more time they have to get distracted and leave your Facebook page.
  • Forget about vanity metrics like how many people “like” your page.
  • Facebook’s decreased organic reach presents problems for small business marketing.

*The quotes above were obtained by a company called ThriveHIve (you can obtain their Facebook marketing information here). I don't know, nor did I check, the racial makeup of this company.  Based upon their phone number they are based in Boston, so the assumption that they are white is probably correct.

The primary point of this post is to highlight the difference between the way Black entities talk about marketing on Facebook and the way white people talk about doing it (I know I'm talking in broad brush potentially racist generalizations here but stick with me).  

You see Black folks talk about getting on Facebook and using it to increase engagement ON Facebook, many have even abandoned their own websites in favor of using Facebook as their primary platform.  White folks talk about how to use Facebook as a tool to support your business, Black folks treat Facebook as if Facebook IS their business.

In reality, this is not about race, if it where I would be white based upon how I talk about Facebook. This is really about how sophisticated we are in the business of the web; which is not very.  When the lion's share of our resources and talent go toward uplifting Facebook, or talking about how we dominate the conversation on Twitter, we weaken ourselves.  My goal is to ensure Black folks have strong platforms on the web and to make sure AALBC.om is one of them ;)



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As you've noticed from my limited posting, I'm moving into a strong push for building my ARCH site into a serious sneaker business discussion blog, with elements of lifestyle. I use social to post info then I respond as needed and remind people to visit the site and discuss if they like. I very rarely get into long discussions and can hardly remember the last time I did. I've been going at it double time on my CBP Music label as well, releasing my son's first album and learning as much as I can from the two albums I released from these older guys. I say that to add that Facebook and social media engagement only works for established personas. It does work okay for more social activities like sharing music or pictures, but the engagement outside of Facebook is non existent. When I do get a large bump to the sites, my engagement on the site decreases by almost 50% which means less conversions on affiliates and ads. White people tend to be about business while Blacks are all about the perception of business. Keep doing great work!

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