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Trooooooy. No sooner do I resign myself to doing without the "edit" option which you have taken away from posters, than you discontinue the "sign out" option which allowed members to get a lurker's view of the proceedings on the board.

Rather than making things simpler, you have made them more restrictive. You may call this fine-tuning, but I call it stifling!

Excuse me while I go somewhere and sulk. Humph.

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Hey Cynique, I'm confused. I can edit my posts with my regualr user account (created using facebook login). Do you have an "edit" icon underneath your posts (see graphic):


Unregistered users should be able to see the boards. This I pretty certain it works. I've been traveling a lot lately and I often lurk myself using public PCs and without logging in. Why do you say this does not work?

Thanks for the feedback.

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I guess it's my computer that's the problem, Troy. It probably needs to be upgraded. Once I sign in, it's like I'm trapped and the only options I have are "add a reply" or "cancel". The only way I can sign out is to click on a link to the board "index" which I discovered when I clicked a mysterious "x" at the top of the page after I posted a comment. Oh well.

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