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Our Top 100 Bestselling Authors: How Many Do You Know?

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I just started in earnest to begin the migration of all the older author pages to the website's new format, I've already done a bunch like Chris Burn's and Cynique's pages, but I still have over 700 more to do. Initially I'd planned to migrate the authors alphabetically, then I decided it would make much more sense to migrate them in order of prominence (and traffic), starting with the top selling authors. 

So I created a page which shows the top 100 bestselling authors.  It is actually more than 100 because of ties, but all of these authors have made our bestseller's list at least 4 times.  Right now there are 103 authors. I'm still working on the page, so I have not shared it with the outside public yet. There are actually a few more that have been excluded, like Willie Lynch (who never existed despite the book sales), and authors of European descent like E.L. James (who has plenty of platforms to celebrate her success).

When I started the page I found the collection of photos displayed very compelling...beautiful if you ask me, so I decided to create of mosaic of the photos to be the default image of the 100 Bestselling author's page and to share via social media. 

It is just so interesting to me look at these photos. I took a good number of the shots myself over the years. I've met or interviewed most of the authors writers.  I enjoyed many of their books, and some I will probably never read. Some have been super supportive of the website, others not so much.  But at the end of the day I have sold a ton of their books--especially the top two rows of authors!

These authors also skew to a period when Urban Fiction was the rage, which followed on the heals of the explosion of interest in Black literature.  For example I don't sell as many of Zane's books as I used to, but because of the strength of sales of her books when Black literature was at it's peak, it seems unlikely anyone will ever pass her--she has made our bestsellers list 213 times!

I actually uploaded this photo to Facebook, something have not done in close to a year.  I did that so that I could tag all the authors, in the hope they will share the photo.  I will create two more of these to include all 100+ authors and see which authors share the image.


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