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Connie Divers Bradley, (a.k.a. Cynique) is a retired postal employee who still resides in the suburb of Chicago where she was born and grew up. She attended the University of Illinois for 2 years before marrying and settling down to raise a family. Her first introduction to the journalistic world occurred during the 1970s when she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame as a provocative columnist, writing about the “black experience” for the CHICAGO TODAY newspaper.

In addition, she is a long-time contributor to the AALBC discussion boards, often taking on the devil's advocate role. Being opinionated and controversial is what she attributes her longevity to, and is also why she has adopted “Cynique” as her pen name.  In 2011, the Culture, Race & Economy Discussion Forum was renamed “Cynique's Corner” in her honor.

She has self-published 3 well-received books, and currently enjoys her leisure years reading, surfing the net, playing Bridge and getting in touch with her spirituality. Learn more about Connie, and her work at her blog.

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