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Book Review Request

Guest Whit Frazier

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Guest Whit Frazier

Hi all,

I'd like to submit a self-published book for review by AALBC. The novel is about a large cast of characters in New York and New Jersey during the 2008 election cycle, and their experiences with one another during this heady time in our history, as well as their relationship to the folk art of African countries and cultures as well as the folk art of African American culture, symbolized by the presence of Robert Johnson, the iconic delta blues musician. The novel is called Robert Johnson's Freewheeling Jazz Funeral, and is self-published as both a paperback and an ebook. I am originally from the Washington, DC and New York areas, and have previously written a novel on Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. I'm currently living in Stuttgart, Germany with my wife and my two beautiful daughters. I'm also studying for my M.A. at the University of Stuttgart for literary theory, and hoping to write a thesis on common tropes in African-American literature.


The details of the book are as follows:


Author: Whit Frazier 

Title: Robert Johnson's Freewheeling Jazz Funeral

ISBN-13: 978-1539967767

Publication Date: November 15, 2016

Cover and synopsis:


The lives of a black power playwright, a white womanist, a newly-sighted scientist, a mysterious poetess, a Palestinian spiritualist, a soon to be famous ingenue actress, a suburban-bred weed dealer and Robert Johnson himself, the iconic great delta blues guitarist, all converge during the charged atmosphere of the 2008 election cycle in this bizarre, entertaining and challenging anti-novel about the way the future reaches back into the past and changes the way we experience the present.

Thanks for your consideration,

Whit Frazier

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Hi all,

Just replying to this previous message of mine with a now approved account. (So you can see my face!) Also, wanted to let folks know the ebook for the novel is free on Amazon until Wednesday (November 23rd). Just pop over to Amazon with the aalbc amazon link: http://aalbc.it/supportaalbc and type in "freewheeling jazz" or "whit frazier" and it will be the first hit. 

Thanks again!


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Whit. you are a good man.  Here is a link to can use that will provide the same level of support but will also take readers directly to your book's page: http://aalbc.it/whitbook

Both links also have the benefit of counting toward our bestsellers list. 

If does not look like we will be publishing any non-commissioned book reviews until after the end of the, but your book is definitely on our radar and will be considered.

Do you have a website?

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Cool.  I like the blog roll on your website. Thanks for the links!  I added your blog to our site as well: http://aalbc.com/blogs/blog-name.php?name=Catachreses

You know Whit, I have the books of almost 2,800 authors on this website; if I could have half of them do what you have already done, AALBC.com would be a beast :-) Readers and authors would all benefit from an even stronger platform.  Thanks for the support!




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