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A Lose/Lose Situation


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From what I can see so far, a Trump Administration would be a lose/lose situation for not only Black America but for Latinos, women, and the poor of all races.

If the country does poorly under his Presidency, the conditions obviously get worse.

However if the country manages to actually improve under his Presidency, you'll never be able to accuse a bigotted White man of racism or sexism again.

No one will want to hear it.
They'll all point to Trump and say,
"Well, they called HIM racist and sexist but look how great he was for our country...so just shut up!"

Instead of being condemned for their intolerance, every bigot who seeks a position of leadership will be "given a chance".
Racism, sexism, and fascism fill flourish under that scenario.

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Notice I said if the COUNTRY improves under his Presidency...it would still be a lose situation.

The way things are structured in the United States, things could very well improve for the majority of people in this nation (including a lucky few Blacks) while STILL leaving most AfroAmericans behind.

If you look at the 90s under Bill Clinton, more Black people were appointed to positions of political power in the United States than at anytime since Reconstruction, but at the same time more Black men went to prison than at anytime in U.S. history.   The Black family also declined faster during the 90s than during any time in our history.  So while things got much better for SOME Black people, conditions as a whole deteriorated for most Black people. 
Even among those who did good under the Clinton Administration....many of their CHILDREN aren't enjoying anywhere NEAR the success their parents had.  They're having a harder time finding jobs, buying houses, and even getting a decent education than their parents.  A lot of Black parents can't understand why they are having so many problems without realizing that society is so much different today than it was back in the 90s.

The stock market decline of 2008 ereased a lot of the economic gains Black people made in the 90s.....while White America remained relatively unscathed.

So things getting better in the United States in general doesn't necessarily translate to things getting better for AfroAmericans.

-An improvement in the stock market will not help most Black people.

-Donald Trump "gangstering" corporations to keep their white-collar workforce in the U.S. while still letting the industrial and manufacturing jobs go overseas like he did with the Carrier deal....will not help most Black people.

-Getting tough on immigration or beng soft on immigration will not help Black people one way or another.

Honestly, the only good thing that could come out of a Trump Presidency would be conditions deteriorating so bad to the point that it pisses Black people off and force them into some sort of civil action.

It's hard to win in a game that is actually being set up to destroy you.
Sometimes it's best to just quit the game altogether.


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Many people do quit the game--they have no choice.  They can't afford a college education assuming that their primary education even prepared them for one.  there is no vocation training in high school, so many blue collar jobs are out of reach and low-level jobs are being replaced by robots and other forms of automation.

Even "underground" opportunities are increasingly limited as corporations and governments  aggressively move in on drugs (legalized marijuana) and gambling.  Sex trades will be the next opportunity.

We are simply fodder for the prison industrial complex.

We have to take control of out own destinies, but as that research report I posted on Amazon mentions; the creation of new business is decreasing as it becomes more difficult for entrepreneurs to compete with legalized monopolies.

We have to make a conscious decision to support our own, otherwise we will be increasingly at the mercy of some corporation, the way the Black Book Ecosystem is dependent upon Amazon today.  Right now I see little evidence that we are willing to make the sacrifices required to support our own.

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