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Ok I get 1400 visitors per month on my theleadstory.org  and 10,000 visits per month


Two searches that are mentioned on semrush - is from the writers events from aalbc and  prnewswire... a lot of my blacklinks (see what I did there lol) are from aalbc.com - there's more information relating to aalbc.com  and personally I do my best to press the aalbc newsletters each month .  I had to move the writers event widget to a separate page because I changed my theme...it's now in MOB News   

Here's what's weird, I don't even pay a lot of attention to that site but I will from now on.  I'm not sure why I get that amount of traffic.  One time, it was do to hacking attempts but the visits and visitors seems to be steady and growing...  

All this to say.  @Troy can I have a widget that says my web site:


The LeadStory is a proud member of aalbc.com  please... :

Also I know that 1400 visitors is a not a lot but I'll take it and grow it...

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Actually 1,400 is nothing to sneeze at.  If you can get more than 1,000 people to do anything every month you have an impact, and it is enough to drive much more. 


By the way the traffic that you get from AALBC.com is largely due to your efforts.  If other authors utilized the platform in that manner than you did, then impact would be even greater. It is one of those scenarios when more authors take advantage of the website, the more they benefit.


I just started another website for a new author: Shari Farmer-Ogogo: chariogogo.com  If 1,000 authors used AALBC.com as their primary web presence instead of Facebook or Amazon (now the two most popular alternatives to a dedicated website based upon my anecdotal observations), I could provided more free services to authors and and greater information to readers. 


I'll create the widget.  Are you thinking about a seal or something similar?





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17 hours ago, Troy said:

I'll create the widget.  Are you thinking about a seal or something similar?


Thank you! A public profile badge.    In my iPhone favorites I have the little open book w/ aalbc.com logo  whenever I see that logo I think of this website.

I'd like that like a "proud member" of aalbc.com and of course  it can have a link embedded within that opens a new page displaying my profile over here would be ideal - sort of like a linkedin public profile badge builder  for the website 


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