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Judge Judy beats Oprah


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From the comments it seems it’s because she backed Obama. The level of hatred for him is outrageous. If it’s not racism what is it? He hasn’t been on the national political scene long enough for all these folks to have formed an opinion and he hasn’t been in office long enough to piss folks off for his actions [cough BUSH cough]. Anytime anyone spoke against Bush they were told to go live somewhere else if they didn’t like the President. How will these folks react to being told the same thing today? Another Sigh.


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Since she's a Jew, certainly Judge Judy's NYC's dominance in the ratings has to do with the city's large Jewish population. I can't stand the bitch. I don't think I've ever watched more than 10 minutes of her show.

Naturally, I am also weary of Oprah. Ho Hum. She sprung that free Australian trip on her adoring fans like she was was passing out gold. Who actually wants to go to Australia, even if John Travolta will be at the controls during the 20-hour flight??? Is anybody really that thrilled at the idea of seeing kangaroos, Koala bears, stray Aborigines, and maybe a profane Mel Gibson staggering around? And once again "O" will be annoucing her new book club selection today, yet another work by a white male author.

Whatever. Oprah is still leading in the over-all ratings. Millions and millions of people still watch her faithfully. IMO, her endorsement of Obama didn't alienate her die-hard fans of which they are many. White racists are not likely to have been that big on Oprah to begin with. BTW, a recent pollster projection showed that Obama would win a second term if either Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney oppose him in the next election so take heart, Crystal.

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Her backing Obama hurt her.

This is why most entertainers stay out of the political arena. Look at what the Dixie Chicks's FANS did to them when they spoke out against Bush. Look at what has been happening to Kanye since he spoke out against Bush that time.

Especially in today's poisonous and partisan environment--you speak out for the Democrats you got all the Republicans against you.

And Black folks are not in the position to rescue her since most of the tv audience is white.

Please don't come in here talking about the Constitution. Let's talk about how it IS, not how it OUGHT to be. Like George W. Bush says, when you get right down to it, it's just a piece of paper (HIS words, not MINE).

Also she is getting payback for years of meddling in family affairs--a single woman giving marital advice, a childless woman telling folks what to do with their kids.

Oddly enough, I think she showed guts I never thought she had backing Obama like she did. I think we should support her--but that and a dime won't even get her a cup of coffee.

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C'mon, Chris. I don't agree that when Kanye spoke out against Bush, he lost his fan base which, at that time, was all hip-hop and rap. In fact, he firmly established himself as a lovable, award-winning Kook.

And after knockin George Bush, the Dixie Chicks enjoyed great fan support as they continued their European tour. Plus, the whole liberal Hollywood community jumped aboard the Obama bandwagon and suffered no repercussions for this. Oprah's ratings are dropping because people are just tired of her after 25 years, something she has seemingly figured out herself which is why she is gettin out before her audience completely erodes.

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