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ChrisHayden: tell us about chicken pox

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I don't want you to feel slighted, Chris, because Troy singled me out to comment on polio. So tell us any recollections you have about chicken pox, - that childhood scourage! I can hardly wait for you to share your memories with us.

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My GOD woman!

Have you no CONSCIENCE? Does not the milk of human mercy warm thy BREAST? Is not thine pity stroked like the fabled Marmoset of Most Excellent Caliph Haroun Al Rashid at the very mention of the dreaded POX?

Let me just say this. All those who were not carried away by the hideous infectation fair ENVIED the dead!

That's all they honeyed word and silky flammery shall pry from my lips like the crowbar of the dreaded Moor.

Away with thee!

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