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Guest Brenda M. Tillman

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Guest Brenda M. Tillman

What books do you recommend for children under 10 years old to help shape a more diverse and accepting world, and also grow positive self esteem?

It would be great to see an African American children's corner as we need to galvanize more young readers. It has been said that readers are leaders.

Thank you Author Brenda M. Tillman, Happy! Happy! Happy! bmichellepoet.wix.com/bmichellespeaks 

This is not a shameless plug. I am really concerned about our children. Email me at bmichellepoet@gmail.com to received a copy published in a local magazine. 

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Hi Brenda there are so many resources available nowadays I can't even begin to cover them all.  


I've greatly expanded out coverage of children's books.  You can find many good books for children on our bestsellers lists,  Here, for example, is our bestselling books for all of 2016: https://aalbc.com/books/bestsellers-by-year.php?year=2016&genre=Children%26rsquo%3Bs I also produce a list every two months.  Here is the most recent list for Jul/Aug: https://aalbc.com/books/bestsellers.php?newperiodname=July/August - 2017&genre=Children%26rsquo%3Bs


I also have a curated list of more than 126 important books for children.  The lists covers books going back over 50 years.  It is one of the most popular sections of the website: https://aalbc.com/books/children.php


Happy Happy Happy by Brenda TillmanAs far as other sites,  have you check out The Brown Bookshelf? It is a wonderful site covering all areas of children's literature: https://aalbc.com/booksites/index.php?store_name=The Brown Bookshelf I frequently reference it myself.


Just Us Book is a publishing company that has been doing great this for decades.  You can find many of the books they have published here: https://aalbc.com/authors/imprint.php?imprint=Just+Us+Books 


There are childrens book events going on all over the country. The African American Children’s Book Fair is almost 30 years old and is a great event: https://aalbc.com/events/index.php?st=Pennsylvania#African+American+Children%26rsquo%3Bs+Book+Fair


Our course there are indie authors like you, Brenda M. Tillman, doing their thing and making an impact.


I could go on and on. It is actually a great time for Black children’s literature :)   There is a lot happening all we need are more folks to share the good news!

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This is not a shameless plug.


Forgive me for straying away from the subject of this thread, but you KNOW how we do...lol.

What's up with the term "shameless plug"?

When did it become shameful or less than honorable to promote oneself or one's products?

I don't know what Troy's advertising policies are on this site, but if I authored books or had a website to direct people to purchase my books I'd be promoting it EVERY CHANCE I GOT....lol.

Infact, I understand in the medical profession it is (or used to be) unethical if not illegal for a doctor to advertise his practice in the media!

Nearly 20 years of education and studying intensely to the point you need glasses.....and now you're supposed to sit back and NOT promote your abilities????

This is purely a product of ALTRUISM.

A White middle-class social construct not based on any legitimate moral or ethically code.

Many Black professionals have knowingly or unwittingly adopted this psuedo-moral concept from White academia (along with other perverted habits) and it has led to confusion and chaos in thier personal lives and especially their relationships with lesser educated Black people who's morals tend to be more literal.

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