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Four Formerly Incarcerated Women Collaborate on a New Novel

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The Pink Panther Clique a new novel by Aisha Hall, Sunshine Smith-Williams, Jamila T. Davis, and Wahida Clark





troyandwahida.jpgEnjoy the book, but check the stories behind the book. All four of these Sisters were incarcerated for at least 8 years!


Now I've known of Wahida since she was locked up with Martha Stewart (they were friends).  She was a popular author while she was still jailed up.  We have become friendly over the years and she is a supporter of AALBC.com.  I was always struck by Wahda, because she is just a hard working woman. On top of that she is real cool people, a very likeable and friendly person.


Wahida took out a banner advertisement for the book above (if has not started running yet), but I took the opportunity to update her page with the new book. Since the book had three other co-authors that meant I had to add three more authors to the site.


While researching information about the three other ladies I was just amazed by their stories. Aisha, for example was convicted for lend leasingloan fraud,.  Basically people pay to have a bank account set up and a large deposit made so that they can then go out and borrow money, or get a or get mortgage.  I had not idea this was even legal.  


The people lending the money charge a relatively high fee in return for the service.  What jammed Aisha up was that they created fake bank statements, never depositing the money, and keeping the fees.  She was just in her twenties and quite wealthy at the time.


They all have really have remarkable stories.


I also stumbled across this video of an interview with Sunshine when looking for videos of each author.  It was a little too raunchy to post on her page, but I found it really interesting and it is entirely appropriate of our forum ;)






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