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harry brown

News,O.J. Released Soon.

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I Think The News Said O.J. Simpson Gets Out On Monday..He Was In Prison For Stealing ,Assault ,Whatever,In Prison Because,He Was Not Guilty Back In 1995...Don't  Care,About This Idiot Getting Out,He Got Black Support He Should Not Have Gotten. ..Racist White Police  Get  Racist White Support...Neo Nazi  Trump, Attacking The Football Players Not Caring About Hurricane Hit Peurto Rico......

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He never should have went in in the first place.

I blame Black judges and lawyers collectively for letting that man be persecuted the way he has.

I don't know whether he's guilty or innocent for Nicole's death, but the entire trial was indeed about RACE and the racist elements of the LAPD.
It would have been an EXCELLENT opportunity for Black people.....especially Blacks in the legal profession as well as in law enforcement to highlight the problems with instituional racism in the legal system as well as force a major overhaul in it.

Instead.....a few celebrated OJ's seeming victory and then forgot about it.

Meanwhile, the racists in the media continued thier witch hunt.

I've said this before and I'll say it again.......

You can't blame all the problems Black people in this nation have on racism, much of it is as a direct result of BLACK STUPIDITY.

You actually had a SMOKING GUN with a racist cop (Mark Furhman) who ADMITTED that he hated Black people, ADMITTED that he hated Black men who dated White women, and ADMITTED that he planted evidence on the Black people he arrested!

If you are a Black judge or lawyer or prosecutor....how in THE HELL could you have looked at what happened in the OJ Simpson trial with racist cops and the planting of evidence and not organize across the nation to demand a major overhaul of the justice system?


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