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Speaking about Amazon Reviews...

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My blog is available a bazillion different ways and one of the is the Kindle.  In advance of the of Amazon boycott--which is many months out, would you all rate or provide a review of the Kindle version of my Blog: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FCX4VA/ref=nosim?tag=aalbccom-20


It will be interesting to see what impact it has if any.  Of course I'll report any impact I observe.





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Anyone can do it.  All blogging platforms provide an RSS feed, which was a simple but brilliant tool to help people, on the web, create their own news feed for consuming content over the web.  Sadly we have given that responsibility over to social media...


Again you can setup your blog up to do this too.  But I did this so long ago I'd have to research up I set it up.


Oh and Amazon have so many list for ranks that they are all together meaningless, but as with the reviews people are still swayed by them.  

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