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Video: Amazon's Effect on the Black Book Ecosystem


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Below is a video of a conversation I had with Ruth Morrison of What's the 411 on the impact of Amazon on the Black book Ecosystem.  The conversation is an hour long.  I think Ruth raised some good points regarding my proposed boycott of Amazon's bookstore.  If anyone decided with watch this please provide any feedback you might have.  Lurkers may email me here: troy@aalbc.com


Join a newly formed group to strategize on organizing a boycott of Amazon's Bookstore.




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Troy I am going to make your account on CBP an admin account and whenever you want to write on the site you can. I'm so deep into sneakers I don't follow up enough here but at least using CBP will allow you to share articles and content and create more backlinks. It's a WP site so I know it will be easy to navigate. Let me know if this is cool?


In regard to boycotting Amazon, it was an unrealistic approach that I admire, but ultimately people have paid for Amazon Prime and they aren't going to stop using the platform just as much as we aren't going to stop using Amazon Associates for affiliate revenue.


The best thing to do is to promote "buy and browse black".

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