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Juan Williams: Black Conservatives!! Where ya at?

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Despite being picture here with Juan, I don't know the man. Just on a vibe level he seemed like a decent dude.

Juan does not need anyone to come to his defense. NPR canned him. He is now making millions with Fox.

As far as what he said, I’m sure he expressed the sentiments of the majority of the country.

I don’t agree with what he said. But I live in New York City and I’m surrounded by all kinds of folks. Honestly I’m surprised Juan would feel that way himself. It is not like he is some backwater hick – he is more sophisticated than that. And the man is not stupid. So I have to believe the statement was made deliberately – perhaps to position himself for a high paying position on Fox.

He would not be the first person to say something outlandish to generate money for himself. You need look no farther than vulgar comedians, rap artists, politicians, reality TV show contestants or even celebrities looking to garner some attention.

I listen to NPR produced shows on WNYC, a listener supported radio station here in NYC. I tune in daily sometimes for hours at a clip, as I work each day. Some of the programing is produced by the station itself, some of it is sourced from Public Radio International (which has BBC, Tavis Smiley, and more).

Actually, I’m not really clear on who produces all the programs on my public radio station, they mix it all together into one seamless broadcast. I do know NPR does “The America Life” with Ira Glass I listen to that on the radio and on long drives via Itunes podcast.

I just googled NPR and see they also produce “Fresh Air” and “Wait Wait Don't Tell Me” a couple of other programs I like. And of course I recall listening to Juan Williams on many occasions. NPR also produces car talk with is a silly program that I sometimes listen to but tune away from mostly.

I usually find myself on the right on most political issues but very little about the supposed ultra-liberal bias of NPR bothers me. They have intelligent programs and they cover the subject matter in an interesting way.

One of the articles you linked above mentioned that NPR has a lily white audience. That may be true, but I have to believe Fox has similarly high percent of white folks tuning in too. I bet if they compared relative intelligence of both audiences NPR would win in a landslide. I don't watch Fox.

I listen to WNYC/NPR because the so called Black radio stations play garbage all day. In the morning I can listen to some knucklehead do a crank phone call or listen to Steve Harvey try to advise some woman about her train wreck of a relationship or I can learn something or relevance on NPR.

I have to give Michael Baisden some credit in the afternoon for doing something positive but they I get tired of the same old songs and corny jokes after a while.

Of course I appreciate that it is impossible for a Black station (any station for that matter) to broadcast serious subjects in an intelligent way, to be commercially viable. I get my serious black programs by listening to the local college radio station WHCR and on Sunday morning the (Power or the Kiss station) has an interesting talk show.

Increasingly there is interesting stuff going on Blog Talk radio and other internet stations that you can listen to via podcasts.

At the end of the day I’m not worried about Juan.

Maybe after he stacks some serious paper at Fox he’ll use his talent to do some meaningful important work for Black folks…

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Of course I appreciate that it is impossible for a Black station (any station for that matter) to broadcast serious subjects in an intelligent way, to be commercially viable.

(A local black female talk show host, who was unabashedly liberal, and who is now off the air, by the way, revealed that she was told that she could get a nationally syndicated show if she was a conservative. Liberal, forget it.

According to Talkers magazine, the Bible of Hate Radio, most of the listeners to talk radio tend to be white conservative males. Think about it.

Most listeners to radio go to music, sports, religion, and talk in that order. There is a radio station that offers a couple of hours of black talk a day here and the rest oldies (music).

It's the ADS man. If you don't get the ads you can't stay on, and nobody is going to buy ads if nobody is listening.

Unless you are a conservative. They got people on here that can't have a demographic, but they play ads.

I think these businessmen like that kind of talk.

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