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A WHITE CHRISTMAS: Happy Blue Year Black Folks


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400+ years of social & economic disparity, white supremacy has dazed Black folks psych and focus.  Now, ineffective struggles for ‘change’ have transformed Black demands into a monster, with an eye on ‘replacing’ White hegemony (with our own brand of oppression) as a solution to Black disparity.  


Power does, indeed, corrupt!  Instead of continuing a united fight for control over Black lives as a whole, we struggle for equality, equal opportunity to oppress; alongside White folks.  


In Libya, Blacks have reverted back to the slave trade (selling their own people), some Europeans and other countries are buying them.




“Oh, but they are animals.  That could never happen in America, not again.”  It’s what White folks say too!  Really?


Education Secretary, Betsy Devos, policies furthering aspects of the ‘hidden curriculum’ in schools is already preparing Black children towards a (forced) labor market permanent policy.  Many Black parents, Black education leaders support these efforts (they’ve been duped into believing is good) will benefit the Black community at large.


And that’s just one of the many first hints,  a revelation of the larger and more complex struggles to come!


From Harriet Tubman to Malcolm X, they feared something was not right with the freedoms we sought or equality available only to the controlling White class. But we struggle to get it anyhow, “if you can’t defeat them, join them.” By any means necessary is the age-old rationale, for survival; the Black justification flavor for spreading evil.

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If you look at what's going in in Africa you'll see 2 major problems:

1. When Black African nations "officially" freed themselves from the reins of European colonialism, instead of re-instituting their former political and social institutions from pre-colonialism.....or developing NEW political and social institutions....most of them decided to KEEP the same political and social structures than the Europeans forced on them.
This is leading to many of their problems.
European morals and social habits (like monogamy and the nuclear family) aren't necessarily good for African people.

2. Atleast under colonialism (as under slavery) Africans were FORCED to work.
They were FORCED to produce food and other products and weren't allowed to be idle or lazy.
Since the end of "official colonialism" many (certainly not all) Africans have become too lazy and disorganized among themselves to produce mass cash crops and foods to sustain themselves.
Many would rather wait on foreign assistance from America or European nations and divide them among themselves or LEAVE Africa and travel to Europe as immigrants.

Even if you look here in America, it seems like a lot of Black people work their hardest only when White folks FORCE them to work.

Again, I'm in no way saying this is the case with all or even most Africans....but it is the case with far too many.

Slavery and colonialism has taught too many of our people to be afraid of and shun work and this has to be corrected.

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It is obvious White supremacy is a global problem, and Black folk is learning how to do 'White' fast; savagery of White folk is no excuse for us to do as they do!  The problem of Black people is Black people, not White people; not only doing as they say but also, doing as they do.  


Attitudes of ethnocentrism, xenophobia, and greed (in all humans) have been a universal dilemma since man learned to communicate.  Additionally, over time, humans have learned to identify right and wrong behavior as well as means of checking wrongs against what is right.  But instead of checking what is wrong, we adopt the wrong behavior.  


Jews have (debatably) over 6,000 years of being mistreated by virtually every society on earth, Black folk have (perhaps) even more; yet, Jews are doing to Palestinians what was done to them; and Black folks are doing to each other what Whites are doing to us now.  One does not have to be a rocket scientist or even educated to understand White supremacy, what it does, or how it works.  Moreover, failure to understand it is no less confusing than failure to understand where we want to be in a White man’s world.  Most, if not all, Black folks know what we are doing to our bodies, minds, and hearts when we go the hairdresser, grocery store, or chat with the neighbor.  


Indeed, what is confusing is our attempt to justify our wrong behavior in name of equality or a constitutional civil right.  


What’s going on in Libya can (as you suggest) be attributed to Africa’s failure to purge itself of European ways.  Because it did not, however, is no excuse for selling their own people today.


Thoughtful response!! 

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