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Every once in a while i need to connect with the elements and be made aware of my star child status.     i arose at 6:am this morning, bundled up and ventured out my front door to stare up at the sky and renew my kinship with my astrological relatives.  Local weather forecasters were predicting that a cloud cover  would probably obscure the rare celestial phenomenon that  was scheduled to take place this dawn.  They said the same thing last summer on the day of the much anticipated solar-eclipse.   But in both cases, their predictions didn't phase me.  Just as i had a clear view of  a big orange sun and was able to stand barefoot in the grass and watch its entire eclipse,  a  super "blue" moon was also very visible in the sky where i was last night, and i witnessed  it gradually dwindle into a tiny crescent sliver and then go dark. 


i felt so exhilarated and close to nature standing  alone in the dark,  feeling but not seeing a chilly breeze swirl around my head.  i won't be around the next time these rare events occur, and i consider myself fortunate to have witnessed them and been able to soak up the sun rays and moon beams which,  actually seemed to revitalize me!  Pantheism is starting to appeal more and more to me.  I'm at one with the universe, going toward the light, headed for the vernal equinox.  Winter is leaving.  















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@Pioneer1As usual you don't know what you're talking about.   i said i had "access to a personable  72 year old 'boy toy' who was trying to get next to me, hoping to light my fire". That's where it stands, not to mention that i prefer to be alone when i commune with nature.  Something you are too obtuse to appreciate.  



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