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And the Oscar goes to...

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Well, the 90th annual Academy Awards ceremonies have come and gone.  Hollywood's favorite night out was a glittering affair, bristling with glamorous and empowered females flexing their toned up muscles in a show of solidarity for the "Me, too" Movement, accompanied by male escorts keeping low profiles, and crossed fingers, hoping they wouldn't be the next lecher to be outed.  Yawn.   


There weren't any surprise upsets when it came to the winners.  Black folks were reasonably well-represented among the nominees which included Denzel Washington, Mary j.Bligh. Daniel Kaluuya, Octavia Spencer, Common the Rapper and, last but not least, Jordan Peele, who directed "Get Out",   becoming the first black person to receive an award in the Best Original Screen Play category. (Oh yeah, Kobe Bryant, the sexual harasser who bought his accuser's silence, also won an award for his animated feature about basketball. )


Tiffany Haddish, the break-out star of the movie "Girl's Trip", Maya Rudolph of SNL, actresses Taraji P. Henson,  Lupito Nyong'o, "Black Panther" star,  Chadwick Boseman, and comedian, Dave Chappell  were among the presenters. 


One of the few funny moments of the proceedings was when the brainwashed black boy toy  from "Get Out", all wide-eyed and dressed in the garb he wore in the movie, skulked out on stage between presentations,  slowly looked around, then yelled, "Get Out!" before fleeing the scene.


All and all it was an evening of good harmless viewing.  This is your pop culture vulture signing off...


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Thanks for reporting Pop Culture Vulture for reporting, 'cause these awards shows are not my thing.  I can image  homie from Get Out! walking in the stage must have been funny.  His character would make a good costume for Halloween :-)


I hear that Love story with the fish man won best picture, I guess I'll check that film out. 


Tiffany Haddish has really blown up huh.  Her memoir is a New York Times bestseller.  I was unfamiliar with her work until I saw the film Girl's Trip.  I thought Haddish was good in the film. I thought the blow job deomstration was a bit over the top.  Later I realized this was a bit from her stand up act, so I now understand why it was put into the film.  They could have also left out that unirnation gag too :o


The Last Black Unicorn



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