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INTRODUCTION OF WORDS; ***BLACK NAMES***, From the History Pages of Eurasia.



***A MAP OF TURKEY/ANATOLIA & parts of East Europe & the Middle East***


The meager amount of history about the Black African presence in Europe has not been apart of my formal education here in America, but nevertheless, there has been bits and pieces offered byway of various forums over the years. But based on my deeper research it has become amazingly obvious that there happens to be a wealth of hidden information about the dominant presence of many Black people who lived in Europe, not in some distant undatable time, but much more recent than we have been educated to grasp. Maybe part of the reason why Black African American descendants of slave have almost no idea of this kind of information stems from the kind of conflicts that did occur in Europe. Most of the names that identify the immense Black presence in Europe have systematically become derogatory and also, a lot of the violent conflict did include a religious basis too as well as Colorism. Today, we have been conditioned to steer almost completely away from the subject of religion and this too, was an effective method to BLACKOUT the Black African presence in Europe. Thankfully though, because Europe and our American educational system has done such a marvelous job in wiping out the incredible Black presence in Europe during major historical times through script manipulation and many other methods, albeit, today, we don’t have any connection to some of the terms that did become demeaning form of mockery. So now, perhaps through my research we may begin to open our spiritual eyes to whole truth about European history that affects us today. But however, my research has uncovered an immense amount of hidden truths that have been twisted and manipulated to the point that I wonder if it would take many centuries to unfold, maybe even a thousand years! It’s that much! The manner in which I have stumbled across some information was so unbelievable to me, in that I had never heard of it, that I became compelled to search more and more for confirmation and this process led me on a pathway that seems like a Byzantine plot! A BYZANTINE PLOT!—This phrase has become more and more of a reality in more than one aspect! Therefore, I will start with regards to this civilization, THE BYZANTINE SYSTME, as it has been well marked in time to a certain degree. I will use this civilization as a central point to introduce some very incredible words that place many distinct kinds of Black people back on the surface of many conflicts.


The more I research about European history and the more I see the kind of words that have been hidden that would show a better view of the past therefore, I am beginning to wonder about the welfare of the Black African world as a whole with regards to the true nature of racism in high places and intent to harm or worse. This would be the kind of research blocked even, from the internet globally, nevertheless, I am working to publish my research now. I now question other countries in their endeavors to be on friendly terms, not only with the elete sector of America, but African Americans as well. But will we have an opportunity in a classroom setting to get a full understanding of how our country relates to other countries and the Global interactions with other countries from a neutral aspect, or are we being spoon fed and misled on issues that could be detrimental to our presence as Black African-typed people? Let me quickly provide one shocking example in the form of a head scratching question: I knew about Iran, ancient Iran and the Middle East in connections with Africa in ancient times and further, but I never knew through a formal education that Sorghatani [sp?] was Black-African!? The mother of Ghengis Khan’s son and powerful grandsons, was a Black woman!? A Hebrew Israelite!? No wonder China trained Eritrea in military education during their civil conflict against Ethiopia!? LOL. WOW What history have we been missing over here! No wonder the Young Turks of today are passionate about some issues over here.


What kind of system do we live in that would deliberately strip human beings of their history and humanity due to the color of their skin or heritage!? It would not surprise me that many other Black African people today are knowledgeable of this kind of history that I have stumbled upon, nevertheless, I do share from the perspective of learning some of this information for the very first time as I can now place it on a time line and into a consecutive story format that makes sense.


So, the first of many, many words that I would like to introduce within context would be more complete in connection to other references that I will also share in the religious forum as its’ origin stems from that point of view in certain timespans. In Europe during the Medieval times, it was a common word but, it has been completely maligned and its’ true meaning suppressed. These ‘BLACK NAMES’ takes Black History into a whole new realm! My first aim would be to give a summarization of my findings and introduce tidbits about the subject, then by and by, I hope to return to add the more detailed references in the attempt to gradually unfold a process and pathway on a timeline in which these terms have been manipulated to wipe out the overwhelming Black African identity and presence all across Europe and Asia. I aim to show a deliberate White Movement that has occurred and still today occurring in which a process unfolds of taking names that identify and define Black African presence, ethnicity and people and putting a WHITE FACE or a LIGHT FACE to these Black descriptive names gradually and also changing and altering the root word in that overtime even Black people accept this form of MENTAL GENOCIDE OF BLACK AFRICA. 


I don’t believe that we will completely understand our plight here in America without getting a better understanding of what happened in Europe leading up to the American Slave Trade System and Colonization. Even though we have been looking for our history and presence in the Motherland of Africa, I now believe we also need to look into what happened in the Eurasian continent more deeply to get a better view of our past and to also look at the other pathways our ancestors were led upon to bring us to this point today.


So the first word that I will share now that comes from the history pages of Eurasia would be PECHENEG. Overtime, this descriptive name that defined a dark skinned Black African typed people placed in history especially during the time of THE CRUSADES, was a common term. The real and whole truth behind this one word might be astounding should more research unfold. The deception laid out to hide the truth reveals that the history has definitely not been written by these people! In a nutshell, they became the spark that led to the CRUSADES in the Byzantine government. But, however, the PECHENEGS were also known by many other descriptive names that today, we do not consider as being a part of our vocabulary; but these words are very close to us than meets the eye at first glance. In short; here is a riddle, when you sit down to eat your THANKSGIVING TURKEY; consider the Pechenegs! They were indeed conquered by a Black-on-Black conflict on the order of the ancient well plotted Trojan War in the very land they did come to conquer initially. These Pechenegs did come to form a massive empire that stretched from all of today’s Turkey Anatolia and all the way to the east and mainly all of Mongolia, and it lasted for decades, centuries before they were conquered, slaughtered and driven into African Slave ports and African Slavery. And to better understand the timeline when they were overthrown, the BOOK OF DANIEL in his prophecy of the CRUSADE and THE BLACK DEATH PLAGUE may help to understand the exact dates such as in Chapter twelve he gave the dates of his vision based on a fixed point; AD 1256, AD 1290 and AD 1335. *


By the late AD 1400s and AD 1500s, another movement began to ‘GET THE INFIDELS OUT OF EUROPE’ began, and shortly thereafter came the Transatlantic Slave Trade. By the AD 1700s due to leaders like Napoleon, the mission was accomplished in Turkey, and ‘the Original Turks’ were mostly driven out of Turkey and Europe. But again, if this information should intrigue, then perhaps a deeper look will turn up much more shocking and hidden truths carefully intertwined amongst other rhetoric to confuse and deflect.

*Reference: DANIEL Chapter 12.  


MONGOLIA & Ghengis Khan's Empire was also contemporary with the Mongol-Hun Invasion in Hungaria and much of East Europe



A Photo of an African-typed woman in Turkey - Anatolia in 1932. TURKOMAN! 



A TURKISH MAN!-- in Greek lands/WEST TURKEY. Constantinople, the name of 
BYZANTINE--New Rome. PHOTO c. 1900.


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